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Online shopping is fun and savings is the big concern. We are happy when every purchase from the online website, we get further discounts and promotions. Moreover, some offer very good rebates to us. We feel satisfied being a smart buyer doing each transaction by getting cheaper price and some cash rebates too. Comparing prices from many online shopping platform is become the norm in our daily life. We buy groceries, children clothes, home care products and many more. During this pandemic time, we spend more time at home browsing through website for online purchase and conveniently deliver to our home.

What is GetBats

This are pretty new to me. Have you heard GETBATS? By using GETBATS, you’ll be able to shop at your favourite stores and you can get many big brands such as  Sephora, Nike and Adidas, to exclusive stores like Zalora, Shopee and Lazada, there's guarantee that every purchase you make through will earn you those extra pennies for that piggy bank you’ve got stored away.  If you shop with GETBATS you’ll not only be able to shop as you normally do, but you’ll get cash rebates every time. Can you believe that? Yes that's right! Let me guide you on how you can earn the cash rebates with just few clicks.


Just remember: when you do shop with GETBATS, GETBATS must be the last link you’ve clicked on, before you make your purchase. The rebates will surely go to you. Also remember to keep the GETBATS app open, until after your order has been confirmed, that way you can be sure that we know you’ve made a purchase and calculate your rebates for you.

The offers are updated constantly, and you’ll find that with each update, you’ll be the one benefiting from them. So, don’t worry about losing out on your rebates, or missing out on latest offers, GETBATS make sure you get them. All you have to do is keep an eye out for those seasonal offers, and those time limited offers, because once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Why I prefer GETBATS?

I can earn cash rebates every time I purchase from my favourite brand.  Sign up is free and can start earning once registered. I can earn rebates as much as I can and withdrawal via e-wallet transfer that makes it so convenient. Moreover, no expiry date for the rebates earned and I can use it anytime!

That makes me feel I can save alot compare to other online platform such as ShopBack or RewardPay. 

Using GETBATS, my rebates validation period just need around 1-30days compared to ShopBack up to 120days. Withdrawal for cash rebates so much easier with GETBATS by E-Wallet transfer compare to Shopback by transfer to bank account.

I guess I can't find other cash rebates website that can offer no expiry date to use my cashback which GETBATS can offer.

Refer A Friend

 When you refer family and friends to GetBats shopping platform, you’ll get even more rewards! When you refer someone you know to GETBATS, you’ll be able to receive more rebates! So, the next time your friend or family member chooses to shop with GETBAT, you’ll be able to receive rebates every time they shop too!

Get Ready to Shop!

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today! GETBATS is the only Rebates Platform in Malaysia that lets you earn cash rebates from both online and offline shopping Go shop via GETBATS, or refer GETBATS in store, and you’ll be able to receive cash back, from your purchase, in a matter of seconds.

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