Shopee 4.4 Mega Shopping Day!

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Malaysians are once again thronging malls to get their fix of retail therapy, relaxation and entertainment after prolonged stay-at-home measures to curb the spread of Covid-19. As such, Mid Valley Megamall KL is working with Shopee to offer a slew of exciting e-voucher packs from participating tenants that will go at up to 60% off this Shopee 4.4 Mega Shopping Day!


Why You Should Take Your Kids to Hike in Nature

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Why You Should Take Your Kids to Hike in Nature

Image Courtesy: all_about_people on Shutterstock

Given the current circumstances, our kids are spending more and more time glued to their screens. From online classes to chatting with friends and playing video games, digital devices have taken their time away from exploring their off-screen hobbies and interests. 

Just like kids in the cities who are not exposed to nature and farms, it may not come as a surprise if kids often stuck at home have not seen certain species of flora and fauna. 

Nature and the wilderness are natural remedies for relieving stress, and they teach us various life lessons that we can impart to our kids. Instead of going to the malls for family time, we encourage you to take your kids hiking to be in one with nature. How does hiking benefit our kids in their health and development then?

Instil curiosity 

Image Courtesy: Kyle Nieber on Unsplash

Kids have an inherent curiosity about many facets of the world and humanity. By bringing our kids to mountains or forests, the sceneries they stumble upon on their hiking journey will unleash their curiosity. They can learn about the functions of the plants (eg. Venus flytraps prey on bugs) as well as fun facts about bugs and animals. This further expands their worldview, helping them develop the idea that our environment is inhabited by tons of creatures beyond our imagination.

The more they hike, the more they want to learn about what nature has to offer. They’ll bring home a new discovery after every hike. Perhaps beautiful flower petals or quirkily shaped leaves that they can turn into bookmarks. Or a little ladybug that they can bring home as a pet.

And of course, along the way, they’ll also realise the importance of environmental conservation to humankind. They become more appreciative of nature’s role in our lives, have more environmental awareness and practise sustainability in their daily habits, such as saving water when not in use, not disposing of plastic waste everywhere, reducing the use of disposable items, etc. 

Cultivate imagination and adventurousness 

Image Courtesy: Simon Rae on Unsplash

Going outdoors will encourage kids to be more daring in trying new, exciting activities. While walking along the trails, crossing bridges and climbing up large rocks, younger kids can start making up stories about fighting monsters to cross over to the other side of the river, while older kids will become more engaged with their surrounding as they get exposed to varying terrains and features.

Teach your kids to observe their surroundings, and you can also be more creative with it by adding a game element to the hike. For instance, name 3 plants your kids saw along the trail or create a tiny scavenger hunt when you’re walking a few steps ahead of your kids. 

Help them tap into their adventurous side by introducing life skills to them. For instance, trailblazing, removing a leech, tying knots, using a first aid kit to treat wounds, and picking up litter from the ground can improve their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. As they become more familiar with the outdoors, they will naturally be more prone to taking part in new sports and trips.

Improve physical and mental health

Image Courtesy: Vasilyev Alexandr on Shutterstock

Not only does hiking improve one’s physical health in terms of shedding calories, but it also helps to relieve stress and improve mood. As parents and kids are immersed in the natural sceneries, they are taking a break from the bustling connected world.

Instead of grappling with the fear of missing out, they will be more in touch with their emotions and senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. Hearing the sounds of the forest, feeling the warmth from the sunlight shining through the leaves, breathing in fresh, crisp air… all of these ease our tension and help clear the clutter in our minds.

For kids who are always at the top of their game in school, they might feel suffocated by academic workload and exams. Hiking is a good opportunity for them to unwind, so they’ll feel more refreshed as they return to their normal school routine.  

If you’re taking your kids hiking for the first time, fret not, here we have compiled a list of things to keep in mind to ensure a smooth hiking journey.

5 Quick Tips for Hiking with Kids

Image courtesy: James Lee on Unsplash

  1. Choose a hike with some rocks, logs, bridges, creeks, or boardwalks for your kids to climb and play on. The trail should be kid-friendly too.
  2. Wear the right hiking gear such as shoes, breathable activewear, long pants, and a hat or cap. Sunglasses and walking sticks are optional.
  3. Pack your backpack with enough essentials - water, snacks, candies, sunscreen, towel, basic first aid supplies, magnifying glass, binoculars, pen and paper for notetaking, insect repellent, hand sanitiser, and wet wipes.
  4. Bring along more companions - whether they’re your furry babies or family’s close friends to add extra fun and interaction to the experience.
  5. Keep the pace slow, and take all the time you need. Plan for frequent stops so you and your kids can take quick breaks.
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10 Stroller Hacks that Parents Need to Know

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Image courtesy of Shutterstock

A baby stroller comes in handy when parents bring their little ones out to run errands or explore the outside world. If you have a toddler in your home, you’ll likely get at least one stroller with you. With these ten stroller hacks, it can make your life easier, convenient and functional when you carry around the stroller whenever going with your kids.

Keep your kid cool with portable mini fans

Going outdoors means you probably get exposed to the hot weather, especially in Malaysia. If you worry that your little ones might feel hot and put on a tantrum, a popular hack to keep them cool is simply attach a portable fan onto the stroller handlers or overhead when you are out and about. Keep in mind to choose a smaller size and ensure the fans can’t reach your kid to avoid any unnecessary accidents from happening.

Create a DIY tag for your stroller

The identity tag serves the purpose of easy identification when you park your stroller in public places and avoid others from taking your stroller by mistake. Decorate the identity tag together with your kids, this can eventually create some valuable bonding experience with them.

Get a bike lock for your stroller

Secure your stroller using an easy-to-carry bike lock when you plan to go to any public spaces such as themed parks or just the nearby parks. The bike lock can secure your stroller from whether getting stolen or mistakenly took; you don’t want to break your bank again, don’t you?

Prevent your stroller from tipping

Ankle weights come to the rescue for your tipping stroller. Sometimes, when you put too many weights on the strollers, such as hanging all the shopping bags around the handle will cause imbalance and might put your kid in danger. Wrap the ankle weights around the legs of your stroller will balance out the weights, and now you can shop till you drop!

A snack tray can make your kid’s day

Snacks or treats can always cheer up your toddler if he or she is having a tantrum. Prepare some healthy snacks and put them into a handy tray on the stroller is a ‘happy hack’ in keeping them cheerful during the ride.

Hang your stroller up

Storing the stroller in your house might take up quite some space; why not hang them up? All you need is a durable door or wall hook that can secure and support the weight of your stroller. Now, you have much more space to play with your kids at home.

Be visible at night with reflective tapes

A night walk with your little one at the nearby park sounds like a perfect way to end the day. Before that, the safety of your child is always the priority. Consider sticking the reflective tapes around your stroller to keep other pedestrians alert as well as you and your child are visible during nighttime. Besides reflective tapes, you can attach strollers light or LED string lights that come in different changing colours, instantly make you the popular mom or dad with the coolest stroller.

Install a stroller handlebar grip cover

Stroller grips will become dirty and worn out over time, and it is hard to clean or replace them. Your sweaty hands, germs and dirt might be building up layer after layer on the stroller handlebars. The grip cover can prevent the spread of germs and protect the grip from wear and tear. Some cover comes in stylish patterns can add a unique accent to your stroller.

Safe some space in your car with a bungee cord

Get a bungee cord to attach your stroller around the vehicle’s headrest or backrest to secure your stroller upright in the car trunk. This hack will allow more room for groceries and other necessities.

Attach a baby bottle holder for hands-free feeding

This little product will be your lifesaver when you got your hands full but your little one is crying for milk. Simply attach the bottle holder to your stroller’s canopy and teach them (depending on your child’s age) how to hold the bottle by themselves. One thing to keep in mind, it is not recommended to use in a moving vehicle.

Summing up

Again, do keep in mind that safety always comes first when you are trying out any hacks. Compare the cost of the hacks as well because sometimes it costs lesser to buy one rather than spending extra money and energy to DIY. With these hacks, taking your baby on stroller outings doesn’t have to be a struggle anymore.

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Shopee x Gong Cha Best Sellers Are Back this 4.4

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Shopee x Gong Cha Best Sellers Are Back this 4.4

We’ve heard you and we’re bringing it back!

In conjunction with the Shopee 4.4 Mega Shopping Day, Gong Cha and Shopee have reintroduced the best sellers from the partnership’s exclusive Marble Series. The smooth and creamy milk foam forms a beautiful marble-like layer on the outside, which blends in perfectly with the drink when stirred.

The four drinks that will return in the 700ml Mega size this month are the Mega Mango Marble, Mega Matcha Marble, Mega Chocolate Marble and Mega Strawberry Marble,  for a limited time only!


Mango Marble

The blend of Gong Cha’s signature milk foam, their subtle milk green tea and mangoes is layered in a cup to create their signature, beautiful marble texture. Rich and creamy milk foam that fills your mouth with a burst of sweet mango flavour, a combination that is sure to remind you of your sweet summer date.

Matcha Marble

An Instagram-worthy drink thanks to the beautiful marble texture created by the blending and weaving of fine, robust flavoured matcha powder into rich milk to form a smooth and silky look. Sweetened to your preference, the drink is topped off with a layer of Gong Cha’s signature creamy milk foam that leaves you wanting for more. 

Chocolate Marble

For those who like to keep it simple, enjoy the distinctive flavour of bittersweet chocolate in creamy milk foam. This makes for a nice and refreshing way to clean the palate after a good meal, especially for those who do not want a heavy dessert.

Strawberry Marble

Be enchanted by the splashes of red across a background of white as you take a sip of the Strawberry Marble drink which is surely worth a couple of snaps and post on social media… or more (we’re not stopping you). This creation tastes even better when topped with Gong Cha's signature milk foam, further elevating the taste of luscious, velvety strawberry milk tea.

How to purchase & redeem

If we have you craving for these drinks, get the Shopee x Gong Cha exclusive Marble Series drinks on the Shopee App through the Food & Services Vouchers in-app portal, from now till 4 April.

All you need to do is visit the nearest Gong Cha outlets by 15 April to redeem the voucher! If you have missed the chance to purchase the vouchers on the Shopee App, fans can also visit any Gong Cha outlet nationwide from 5 - 15 April to purchase these drinks only with ShopeePay.

Originally priced at RM12, fans can enjoy these drinks at 50% off at RM6 only on these special dates: 18, 22, 24, 27, 31 Mar and 2 & 4 Apr on the Shopee App.

Additionally, do not forget to apply the code GC44 when buying the voucher upon checkout with ShopeePay to enjoy 30% coins cashback up to 500 coins (equivalent to RM5).

Additional ShopeePay perks when you walk into any Gong Cha outlet today!

From now to 31 March, Gong Cha fans will get to enjoy an immediate RM4 cashback with a minimum spend of only RM10. It is applicable for a one-time use throughout the campaign duration when purchasing any Gong Cha beverages with ShopeePay at any outlet.

For more information, visit These drinks are back for a limited time only, so act fast!



Kickstart the day with Inside Scoop’s Breakfast Set

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 Kickstart the day with Inside Scoop’s Breakfast Set

Enjoy 50% cashback with ShopeePay (capped at RM4, min. spend RM8)

Inside Scoop has launched it’s ultimate Breakfast Set, featuring 4 new flavours that will have you crawling out of bed in the morning without so much as a snooze.

Inspired by Malaysian breakfast, the local ice cream company emulates flavours from our favourites - from the kopitiam near our home that serves kaya toast along with a nice hot cup of Milo or coffee, to the simplicity of a bowl of granola upgraded with rich, creamy ice cream.

The Yoghurt with Granola by Amazin' Graze has your health consciousness covered. Topped with crunchy granola goodness, this yogurt ice cream will definitely be able to pull you out of bed and help you kickstart the day.

For those reminiscing about weekend kopitiam breakfast mornings, Inside Scoop’s Kaya Toast that consists of burnt butter ice cream swirled with housemade pandan kaya sauce is sure to satisfy your nostalgia. It is even topped with toast crumbs, much like the real thing!

If you are a coffee person, the Coffee Almond Fudge brings you the delight of cold brew coffee ice cream swirled with honey roasted almonds and chocolate fudge. It is literally having a Frappe in the form of creamy ice cream!

Milo lovers, you are not left out. Try a pint of the new Malted Chocolate flavour made with (duh!) Milo, added with  chocolate coated Nestum to pacify your sweet tooth. How’s that for an alternative to milo ais?  

Try out all four new flavours - Malted Chocolate, Kaya Toast, Coffee Almond Fudge and Yoghurt with Granola by Amazin' Graze -  at any Inside Scoop outlets while stocks last. Or, why not try the Breakfast Set Party Pack featuring all four to keep you set for the entire week?

Not only that, from now till 30 April, save up to 50% when you make your purchase with ShopeePay at any Inside Scoop store.  Each ShopeePay user gets to enjoy a cashback of RM4 with a minimum spend of RM8, two times throughout the campaign period. Terms and conditions apply.


Sunway Theme Parks - Reopening!

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 In light of the recent uplifting of restrictions, Sunway Theme Parks is ready ‘2 Play Again’!. The two theme parks, Sunway Lagoon and Sunway Lost World Of Tambun will reopen from 6 March 2021 onwards.

With an enhanced ‘State Of Play’, Sunway Lagoon and Sunway Lost World Of Tambun reopens with a limited capacity of 30%. Guests will return to us with confidence in our repurpose spaces and extension of operating hours with heightened SOPs well above the standards implemented by the Ministry Of Health (MOH) in our 132 acres theme parks combined.

With the growing pent-up demand for staycation breaks in both parks, there is a myriad of value-added packages in store. At Sunway Lagoon, the ‘2 Play Again’ and ‘Playdate’ packages are available for those in the Selangor state. There is also a boom in bookings for the Staycation packages in Sunway Lost World Of Tambun which is an absolute heaven to stay within the eco theme park itself.


Sunway Executive Director, Calvin Ho says “We are anticipating families and friends to reunite at both our theme parks where moments to play will be even more poignant in these times. As the leading ‘Play Master’ in this region, we can’t wait to welcome all our guests back into our vast outdoor spaces whether you’re sliding down our Vuvuzela in Sunway Lagoon or feeding our hippo at Sunway Lost World Of Tambun.”

“At Sunway Theme Parks, we truly believe we are closer to the finishing line of this crisis and will emerge as the leading ‘Play Master’ in the attractions landscape. As long as we consistently provide the best outdoor experience to our guests, we will continue to ride the wave of the leisure expansion.”

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