Overnite Sanitary Panties @Shapee.My

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Kick start the day feeling good and energetic. No worries on leakage and comfort all day long. I get my Overnite Sanitary Panties @shapeemy

This are the products features:-
  • Dri-Comfy Technology
  • 3D-Shaped Comfort Fit Design
  • Soft & Breathable
  • Extra Protection Design
  • Revolutionary Sanitary + Panty Design
  • Leak Proof Design

It is soft and made of 100 % breathable material. Convenient wear and tear with more comfort. Good choice of product to have it with extra protection and highly absorbent.

Exercise is more flexible and freely, move and twist comfortably while sleeping. 

 Check out more details here:-

FB/IG page: @shapeemy 

 Website: https://bit.ly/34K33oc