Delicious Drinks @ Aik Cheong Cereal Series and Aik Cheong Cafe Art Series.

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Having oatmeal doesn't have to be boring.
It can be customize to your own preference and add on healthy topping for a healthier breakfast to kick start your day full of energy!
There are Aik Cheong Cereal Series and Aik Cheong Cafe Art Series.
I choose Instant Fruits OatMeal Cereal and Instant Nuts OatMeal Cereal from @aikcheong_official

Love the taste combination and delicious drink.
✅Contains New Zealand pure milk powder
✅Contains wholemeal oat, chia seeds and dried fruits
✅Individual little packaging but huge contains
✅Convenient and hygiene
✅Quick-prepared healthy meal as 1 minute needed only

Instant Oatmeal Cereal Drinks not only helps to increase satiety, but also lower blood pressure.


I can also grab a convenient pack of Granola -Mixed Berries and Mix Fruits and Nuts for a quick and healthy breakfast. High fibre,natural ingredients, no artifical flavour and no added refined sugar.

I can add Granola into my yogurt or by adding fresh milk for my breakfast



There are really a lot of benefits taking healthy Granola for breakfast.

Besides that, I also enjoyed the Chocolate drinks. Burst with chocolate goodness with Belgian chocolate and pure taste that is so addictive. Kids love it the most!!

Aik Cheong Hot Chocolate have the wholesome natural goodness of Chocolate anytime, anywhere. A delectable beverage with a rich chocolaty brew. Its so irresistable. Deliciously smooth to give you an exceptional beverage to make your day vitality energised.

Aik Cheong 3 IN 1 HOT CHOCOLATE (15 Sachets). Premium Cocoa Powder. The best chocolatey taste!!

Overall, I love the convenient packaging especially when I need to work from home or I can tag along to my work place to have a quick and healthy breakfast to start my day with full of energy and boost up my mood!

Good Wholemeal Oat = Good Health

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