KidAone ElderBerry + COLOSTRUM - To Boost Kids Immune System

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As children grow, they need to have enough vitamins and minerals to ensure they are growing healthy and getting adequate amount of nutrients. My kids are picky eaters and their daily intake sometime are lack of fibre (vegetables and fruits) and not enough protein. It is important for them to have a proper growth and development, thus I also looking for products that can boost up their immune system for prevention of the current pandemic and viral diseases.

KidAone ElderBerry + COLOSTRUM is an immune enhancing health product specially formulated for children that's recommended by Dr Jezamine Lim (comedian Harith Iskander's wife)

 It consists of 3 precious ingredients; Colostrum, Elderberry Extract, and Vitamin C. It Contain Elderberry extract from Austria, ColustrumOne from the USA, PUREWAY-C Vitamin C from the USA. 

ColostrumOne™ is ethically sourced from high-quality dairies and underwent stringent testing to ensure high quality, safety, and efficacy. It is also processed both at low pressures and temperatures, and is spray dried using indirect steam to maintain maximum bioactivity.

On top of that, it contains elderberry extract, being one of the superfoods for humankind. Long ago, elderberry is one of the most commonly used medicinal plants in the world and shown to be effective against virus and bacteria-induced respiratory tract infections. It was the major ingredient in formulations used during the 1918 Spanish influenza epidemic.

Every tablet contains 100mg ElderCraft® Elderberry Extract = 7000mg Elderberries

Eldercraft® Elderberry Extract
  • a high-quality anthocyanin-standardised elderberry extract 
  • manufactured from Austrian black elderberries (Sambucus nigra, L.) using proprietary membrane filtration technology

  • -rapidly absorbed and leads to higher plasma and cellular levels
  • having faster and more beneficial effects than ordinary ascorbic acid
  • a form of vitamin C that contains vitamin C-lipid metabolites
  • a more potent antioxidant which possesses higher free radical scavenging ability
  • more rapid absorption by cells than other forms of vitamin C, hence, higher retention rate

The benefits for taking KidAone ElderBerry + COLOSTRUM :

-Can effectively enhance kids immune system
- Strengthen kids digestive system
- Boost kids immunity and respiratory system through Elderberry anti-virus & anti-bacteria properties
- Higher absorption rate of the Vitamin C
- HALVEC certified

Direction for use
2 chewable tablets per day after meal. 
It is a cocoa+berry-flavoured chewable tablet. As the name implies, the main ingredients are elderberry extract and colostrum, which are well-known for their immune-enhancing properties. It has the function of enhancing gut's health by stimulating growth of intestinal cells.  

This product is only suitable for children above 2 years old with chewing ability.

Overall, this product is new to me and I am glad that my kids consume it. The texture is easy to chew and my kids slowly adapt to take it everyday and after trying for one week, it does help in their digestive system. No complain on constipation and they have their meal as usual. A good result that can also boost up their immune system especially during this pandemic time to prevent them from illness.

【Highly recommended by Dr Jezamine】