Virtual Luncheon of Norwegian Salmon and Fjord Trout by the Norwegian Seafood Council

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Safe, sustainable and nutritious Norwegian Salmon and Fjord Trout in a Virtual Seafood Luncheon by the Norwegian Seafood Council

Norwegian salmon and fjord trout have always been a nutritious, versatile and safe fish to cook and eat at home or in the restaurants. They are easily available in the markets, supermarkets and at the grocers even during this pandemic. Consumer trends may have evolved during this time, but the Norwegian seafood industry has its finger on the pulse on what consumers want.

The Norwegian Seafood Council takes pride in the fact that Norwegian salmon has captured the top spot in global sustainable food ranking for two years running. Three Norwegian seafood companies are ranked among the top 10 of the list of the world’s most sustainable protein producers in the Coller FAIRR Protein Index.

The Index looks at how the world’s 60 largest publicly listed companies producing meat, dairy and seafood perform on various risk factors relating to sustainability. The risk factors include greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, use of antibiotics and labour conditions.

No other animal farming uses less antibiotics than Norwegian aquaculture. In 2019, Norwegian salmon farms have near eliminated the use of antibiotics. “Eating more seafood is a good way to reduce our climate emissions, and Norwegian salmon companies are leading the way in sustainable protein production,” says Renate Larsen, CEO of the Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC).

Keeping safe and eating safe and healthy is the way to go during this pandemic and beyond. The Norwegian Seafood Council, led by NSC Regional Director Asbjorn Warvik Rortveit, shows how in the NSC Virtual Luncheon of Norwegian Salmon and Fjord Trout with the Media on 25 November 2020.

Norwegian Ambassador to Malaysia, Her Excellency Gunn Jorid Roset will speak at the virtual lunch while Asbjorn Warvik Rortveit will share an overview of Norwegian seafood performance and Seafood Consumer Insights with the media.

Phyllis Teh, co-founder of online store Art of Salmó, that specialises in delivering the finest and freshest Norwegian fjord trout with its special seasoning sachet to your doorstep will speak on “Adapting to Consumer Needs in Covid-19 Times”.

Chefs Jordash DeCruz and Steve Chua will present “When East Meets West, Norwegian Seafood Tasting Menu” for lunch. Chef Jordash is sous chef at Curious Kitchen in Kuala Lumpur and has had experience working on the Norwegian Cruise Line and Viking Ocean Cruise. Chef Steve is the founder of Two Chefs Lab, a Japanese restaurant, and has represented Malaysia as a Norwegian Seafood Council’s sponsored participant at the World Sushi Cup 2018.

Here are the tantalizing menu:-

From the Land of the Rising Sun:

Seared Sliced Norwegian Fjord Trout with Truffle & Onion.

Assorted Nigiri featuring Norwegian Salmon.

Azuki Crepe with Red Beans , served with Green Tea Sauce

From the Land of the Midnight Sun:

Starter-Cured Beetroot Norwegian salmon with lemon essence and pickled daikon.

Main Course-Seared Fjord Trout served with Norwegian Butter Sauce

Dessert-Norwegian Success Cake with fresh Berries.

There has been an increase in seafood consumption, driven by a shift towards a more sustainable diet.
This is according to a recent study of more than 25,000 consumers across 20 markets performed by Kantar on behalf of the Norwegian Seafood Council. The study is the largest seafood consumer study of its kind and offers invaluable insight into seafood consumer behaviours and preferences over time.

Many markets in this region are reporting increased demand for processed and pre-packed seafoods, as well as products with longer sell-by dates. The Norwegian seafood industry is adapting to these shifts in buyer preference and is turning its production to meet these needs. It continues its efforts to provide safe, sustainable, and nutritious seafood during this time.

Norwegian Seafood Council

The Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC) is owned by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries. The Norwegian seafood industry finances its activities through fees levied on all exports of Norwegian seafood. Headquartered in Tromsø, NSC has presence in major markets around the world aiming to increase the value of Norwegian seafood resources. NSC oversees the administration and use of the trademark “Seafood from Norway”, a joint value for the Norwegian seafood industry. Together with the industry, NSC aims to increase the demand for and consumption of seafood from Norway. For more information, please visit

“Seafood from Norway” Trademark

Seafood will always be an essential part of our diet. However, consumers today are increasingly focused on the origin of food, how it is produced and how it meets concerns regarding sustainability. Norway was built on its seafood industry, and managing its ocean resources in a sustainable manner.

The new trademark “Seafood from Norway” is addressing these matters, founded on a genuine concern for environment. This trademark is a symbol of origin and quality for all Norwegian seafood, farmed or wild caught in Norway’s cold, clear waters.  Because there is no doubt about it: Origin matters.

Christmas Cheers! Cartoon Network Year-End Celebration & Gift Boxes Worth a Total of RM75,000 Up for Grabs!

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Christmas is around the corner and I am looking forward for a Christmas celebration to cheer up my kids especially during this pandemic time. I am sure they are feeling excited wishing to have surprise gifts and presents!

Here the good news to share with you all!

Cartoon Network Year-End Celebration & Gift Boxes Worth a Total of RM75,000 Up for Grabs! 

The holiday season is always filled with so much joy and happiness – why not share that with those who need it most?

Nominate your closest friends or families who you think deserve this box the most and answer why; click into this microsite to do so

By nominating your best friend or a family, you are putting them in the running to win the So Much Christmas prize pack, including all the holiday-themed decorations and toys that one would need to bring the magic of Christmas into their home!

Can't wait to watch the amazing shows and musical sing-alongs on Cartoon Network (Astro Ch 615 HD / 635) and on HBO GO too this Dec!

Snacking Time @ Woo -Dang prawn crackers

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Let's try a new way of snacking and have some crackers goodness with these 3 limited edition Woo -Dang prawn crackers.

Don't miss this limited edition Woo-Dang Prawn Crackers that comes in 3 unique flavours.

1.The Salted Egg Woo-Dang is deliciously addicting and perfect for any occasion. Salted Egg Woo-Dang is crunchy to the max and best to paired up with Luckin Kopi to include their Salted Egg Sauce to boost up the flavours even more! 

Woo-Dang Salted Egg will definitely take you by surprise by it’s fascinating nostalgic but new flavour!

2.The Mala Woo-Dang will give you a spicy surprise! Crunchy and spicy just the way everyone likes it. Made using a combination of spices that when mixed together it is considered too hot to handle, making it dangerously spicy but makes you want to grab another bite. Give your tastebuds some spicy thrills and dive into the Mala HotZone!

3.The Woo-Dang Seaweed flavour will bring you a deliciously salty surprise from the sea. The prawn cracker is made from real seaweed flakes, bringing you the authentic sea experience!

What makes Woo-Dang Special??
-made from fresh prawn meat, ❎ prawn head and shell.
- ❎ preservatives and ❎MSG to ensure the taste remains authentic and delicious.
-prawns used all caught from the sea and restock every single day!

A great enjoyment of the prawn crackers with my kiddos and they have a fun snacking time too!! 
Love munching and crack-a-lackin with Woo-Dang!!

My kids love seaweed flavours and my best preference will be the Salted Egg flavour.

**Woo-Dang prawn crackers are halal-certified.

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Get ready for the great deals to grab your favourite brands and beauty products from Guardian with more bargains!!

True to its reputation as a beauty destination, Guardian Malaysia has taken the extra mile to curate and  bring in the latest beauty trends from around the world, so that  customers’ needs in the new normal are served.

“It also used to be possible to travel the world and shop for the latest health and beauty products that are not yet available in Malaysia but the COVID-19 pandemic has effectively put a stop to this lifestyle for now,” said Anna Ng, Retail Marketing Director, Guardian Health And Beauty, Malaysia and Singapore.

“We, therefore, have been inspired by the unprecedented changes sweeping through modern retailing to stage a first-of-its kind Global Beauty Sale (GBS) to give our customers continued easy access to great beauty products with good value from around the world,” Anna added.

The month-long campaign from 3 Nov until 2 December 2020 showcases beauty products that are setting the trends around the world. The amazing selection represents the best of all global brands and  reflects Guardian’s commitment to the trust placed in us to ensure our customers high quality products at great value.

The GBS initiative follows Guardian’s recent re-launch of Guardian’s  state-of-the-art flagship store at  Suria KLCC that showcases the latest health and  beauty products and new display technology.   The transformation of the store was  based on feedback from   customers on their  product  needs, quality and pricing.

Commenting on the GBS, Anna said: On top of the wide selection of brands and products, we are offering customers a discount of up to 50% during this period,” The   selection includes  top beauty brands from Korea and Japan, the best of natural beauty products, newly arrived brands at Guardian and daily essentials from 26 countries including Malaysia.”

“For example, we have a section for the best beauty products that gives you that beauty radiance from Thailand, that lovely Korea drama look that is so outstanding and the everyday beauty look from Japan dramas, make-up that gives you that classic western European glam and many, many, more for personal care, hair care, skin care and daily essentials,” she said.

Other highlights of the Guardian Global Beauty Sale include;

·         BUY 1 FREE 1 offers for more than 190 personal care products

·         Over 100 Skincare items at RM11

·         Everyday BEST value – over 1,300 daily essential products at reduced prices everyday

·         Get a FREE Bluetooth Smart Digital Weighing scale with a minimum RM220  purchase of any Health Care product in a single receipt (while stocks last)

·         FREE Silicon Kitchen Utensil (3 pcs set) with a minimum spend of RM88 on any Personal Care products in a single receipt

·         A BRAND NEW Honda Civic to be won in the SHOP, WAVE & WIN Contest.  Just spend a minimum of RM30 and pay with your MyDebit ATM card, take a photo of your transaction slip, send in your photo and stand a chance to win the Grand Prize of a brand new car.

“So instead of flying around the world for your Health and Beauty products, we bring the products from around the world to you. Don’t miss this great opportunity to buy and even stock up on your daily essentials as Guardian always gives you the best quality at the best prices for the best value,” Anna concluded.

For more information on your favourite products at amazing discounts during this Global Beauty Sale, please visit and #guardianmy.


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Calling all Spicy Lovers!!. Get ready for an explosive one this time Malaysians! Largest homegrown Halal fast-food chain, Marrybrown, ups the ante with the introduction of their brand-new, mouth-numbingly yet delectable menu: MB Mala Fried Chicken! Taking off from 28 October 2020 till 13 December 2020, Marrybrown’s latest menu is guaranteed to bring the heat especially for those who fear no spice in their life.

Staying true to their motto, Marrybrown’s latest “something different” is a combination of perfectly marinated Sichuan chilli pepper with dried chilli – ensuring a piquant gastronomic journey like no other. Mala lovers can anticipate a punch of flavours at first bite before the intense fiery flavour of the fried chicken MALA-tup in the mouth, leaving the tongue numb and feeling burnt.

According to Dato’ Joshua Liew, Chief Executive Officer of Marrybrown, the main inspiration in generating this unique tasting menu was none other than Malaysians themselves and their undying love of adding spice to their lives, while also riding on the trend of the Mala boom.

“Malaysians always have a love-hate relationship with their spices, yet we truly love having them in our food - it’s like we caught this addictive love bug! Whether it is in our Nasi Lemak or our normal stir-fry dishes, Malaysians are constantly adding on the spice due to the kick it gives. Because of this Mala mania we are seeing over the years now, we want to incorporate Mala into our menu and introduce our very own halal version for everyone to enjoy,” said Dato’ Joshua.

“When creating this flavour, we at Marrybrown are adamant in ensuring the mouth-numbing Mala taste blends well with the additional spices so that Marrybrown fans can enjoy the wholesome taste with the right level of spiciness, as oppose to a flavour that is too overpowering.”

We are truly excited to try out this Mala Fried Chicken. It brings out the spice flavour to my liking and the spice level goes well with the Mala taste. Hubby felt want to 'Mala-Tup' as he have less tolerate to the spicy taste, but for myself I think the spice level is great and enjoyed it very much especially the fried chicken combo and the unique Porridge with Mala powder!

Malaysians can chow-down on Marrybrown’s hot and peppery MB Mala Fried Chicken in not just one but four different ways! Spicy-seeking fried chicken lovers have the option to satiate their Mala cravings either with the succulent 2-pc MALA Chicken combo meal or 3-pc Mala Chicken combo meal – both deliciously paired with a bountiful portion of mashed potato and fresh vegetable salad.

3-pc Mala Chicken combo meal 

MALA Bubur Ayam Combo

For those who prefer a milder level of spice, Marrybrown has prepared a suitable dish that will still allow you to enjoy the rich Mala flavour. Fans have the option to indulge in the MALA Bubur Ayam Combo - eating a spoonful of a heart-warming bowl of porridge will ease off the spiciness of the Mala Fried Chicken, yet still allow you to get a taste of the Mala hype! 

Mala Box Meal 

As for those who are brave to tackle the challenge of the overall Mala experience, the fourth option,  Mala Box Meal would be the best alternative as it is a combination of the fiery Mala Fried Chicken, a juicy Chicken Burger, vegetable salad, and the well-loved crispy onion rings. Fans can also add on the spice with the uniquely seasoned Mala fries to chomp on.

Priced from RM 14.60 and above, all four combo meals are served with a refreshing cup of Coca-Cola to help beat the heat.

“Throughout our years of service, Marrybrown has released a variety of mouth-watering and delicious goodness for all our fans. However, there’s one thing that will never change, which is our goal to continuously strive and provide the best to our fans and always to create something different yet delicious for every person who walks through our doors, such as our latest MB Mala Fried Chicken,” concluded Dato’ Joshua.

As for my kids, they tried the Happiness Plate that comes with 3 pcs of MB Crispy Chicken, Golden Deep Fried Roti Goreng, Mashed Potato and Vegetable salad. Have a great pleasure of eating this super Crispy, juice fried chicken at every bite!

Marrybrown currently serves millions of customers in more than 500 restaurants across 16 countries with the objective of delivering the highest standard of quality, service, cleanliness and value for your perfect dining experience – be it in the outlet or at home.

For more information on Marrybrown, its promotions and delivery services, please visit: 

Facebook: MarrybrownMalaysia

Instagram: Marrybrownmy

Twitter: MarrybrownMY

YouTube: MarrybrownTV


The Aroma of Good Times Awaits Malaysians this 11.11 with OLDTOWN White Coffee

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 To some, coffee is more than just a drink. It is a form of gastronomical necessity that needs to be consumed daily. A morning without it may seem rather incomplete.

OLDTOWN White Coffee is all set to making the morning brighter than ever, especially for Malaysians that are currently working from home. The country’s largest halal-certified white coffee cafe chain brings attractive deals, exciting contests and games plus sumptuous coffee flavours online on its official store on Shopee, in conjunction with the e-commerce platform’s 11.11 Big Sale running now till 11 November.

Products like the OLDTOWN White Coffee Hazelnut RTD Can will go on Shocking Sale, its original price slashed to RM0.11 on 11 November from 12AM to 2AM! Exclusive 11.11 discounts also include up to 30% off on Malaysian favourites like the OLDTOWN White Coffee 3 in 1 Classic and the OLDTOWN  Nan Yang White KOPI O.

Adding to the excitement, from now till 11 December, users stand a chance to win weekly vouchers and exciting prizes when taking part in games. Shopee Mobile App users can play the Spin & Win game brought to you by the OLDTOWN White Coffee Shopee Flagship Store and win eye-catching voucher prizes worth up to RM50. All Shopee users earn one free token to spin every day. This token is refreshed at 12AM daily. Share the game to earn an extra chance to spin, with up to three extra chances per day! Shoppers can look for the Spin & Win game by scrolling to the ‘Shop’ tab when visiting the OLDTOWN White Coffee store on Shopee.

The OLDTOWN Kopi Catch meanwhile is a fun mini game where shoppers can race to collect the most coffee beans, caramel bits or hazelnuts within 30 seconds. The top 10 players with the highest cumulative points after four weeks will be taking home a RM50 Shopee voucher each!

OLDTOWN fans can also look forward to enjoying the deliciously dark and creamy, online exclusive OLDTOWN White Coffee Dark Roast which can be purchased on the brand’s Shopee store. Available in Original and Hazelnut variants, it is made from dark coffee beans roasted at high temperature; it is less acidic and sweet with a smoky bittersweet note at the first sip. Simply satisfying.

The OLDTOWN store on Shopee is home to an extensive list of flavours from the brand’s line of instant coffee and milk tea mix. This includes the rich OLDTOWN White Coffee Classic, the uniquely local OLDTOWN Milk Tea Teh Tarik and also the perfectly balanced OLDTOWN  Nan Yang White KOPI O.

For smoother checkouts throughout the campaign, users should top up their ShopeePay accounts so they do not miss OLDTOWN’s limited time deals or products in fast sellouts.  

Has it been mentioned that there is an Ultimate ASMR White Coffee Experience video by OLDTOWN on YouTube? Don’t worry, we will not spoil it for you if you have not seen it yet. Watch it here - You’re welcome!

Enjoy the The Perfect Sip Crafted by OLDTOWN White Coffee on Shopee by visiting

Choc’ out Gong Cha’s 11.11 Big Drinks

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Malaysians’ favourite bubble tea chain Gong Cha is taking it up a notch with another of its exclusive creations, in partnership with Shopee. This month, be prepared to be knocked off your feet when you try the chocolate-themed Gong Cha 11.11 Big Drink series. This range is in celebration of Shopee’s 11.11 Big Sale that is taking place from now to 11 November.

Check out the Earl Grey Chocolate Smoothie, Chocolate Latte with Coffee and Chocolate Marble which are only available for purchase via the Shopee App from now till 22 November, even after the 11.11 Big Sale has ended! After all, who can say no to chocolate when it is practically everyone’s favourite?

Earl Grey Chocolate Smoothie


The Earl Grey Chocolate Smoothie is made from freshly brewed Earl Grey tea, blended together with bittersweet chocolate for a uniquely fragrant drink. Topped with Gong Cha's famous milk foam, chocolate lovers will surely enjoy this one - a refreshing cold and creamy pick-me-up.

Chocolate Latte with Coffee Jelly


Chocolate and coffee lovers rejoice! Here’s a chance to have the best of both worlds in a cup. Witness the union of bittersweet chocolate and coffee-flavoured jelly in a sea of milk. Chew on the addictive jelly while sipping on the rich and creamy chocolate milk to get that extraordinary Mocha oomph!

Chocolate Marble

For those who like to keep it simple, enjoy the distinctive flavour of bittersweet chocolate in creamy milk foam. This makes for a nice and refreshing way to clean the palate after a good meal, especially for those who do not want a heavy dessert.

So how do Malaysians get their hands on these drinks?

The Gong Cha e-drink series can only be purchased via the Shopee App, and redeemed at all Gong Cha outlets nationwide. Get the Shopee x Gong Cha 11.11 Big Drink series exclusively on Shopee through the Food & Services Vouchers in-app portal from now to 22 November.

Fans can enjoy the Earl Grey Chocolate Smoothie at an introductory price of RM12 while the Chocolate Latte with Coffee Jelly and Chocolate Marble can be enjoyed at RM10. Save more when you purchase the drinks at 50% off this November on these special dates: 7, 8, 11, 15 and 22. Enjoy 30% coins cashback with no min spend and earn up to 500 Shopee Coins when you complete your purchase with Shopeepay.

Additionally, users who use ShopeePay to pay for their Gong Cha orders at physical outlets stand a chance to receive RM4 cashback when they spend a minimum of RM10. This offer is valid till 31 December 2020.

What are you waiting for? ‘Choc’ it out at