Free Foot Alignment Check @ JennOrtho Mid Valley Megamall

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I have a great consultation session about my flat feet last weekend at JennOrtho Mid Valley Megamall located at Level 2. During this MCO period, we have less movement and lack of walking thus making me feel that my feet pain getting worst and having mild backache.My feet condition is flat feet as per my last checking at one of the foot care center 2 years ago and now it's time to get another foot care consultation to check on my feet conditions if there is any improvement after i start wearing foam insoles with better support types of shoes.
JennOrtho @ Mid Valley Megamall offered free foot alignment check to all walk in customers . I am glad to meet Dato Dr Edmund Lee, a renowned Orthotic Expert in Asia giving good advise to have a healthy feet.
 JennOrtho is the Pedorthists & Custom Orthotics Custom foot orthotics, footwear, gait analysis and personalized advice by the orthotic experts. Here you can find a good solutions for those who suffered from knee pain, lower back pain, and foot pain. 

There are different category of feet condition. 
Normal, Pronated, Flat, Severe Flat and High Arch.

The first thing before you purchase a shoe that suitable to yourself, a feet screening is very important to understand the types of feet. The staff in JennOrtho is very friendly and helpful in explaining my feet category and how to get a perfect insoles with arch support to help in my flat feet issue.

The results from the screening shows both my feet are average with low arch type. I need to maintain the current condition of my feet with good arch support insoles and shoes type. If I did not take care of my feet, it will soon affect my back pain and knee pain. Since I am taking public transport and need lots of walking daily, it is advisable for me to get extra support for my low arch and more comfortable cushioning shoes. 

The experts in Jennortho shared that a Arch supports help to lessen your foot pain and make walking and standing much more comfortable. Moreover, he also shared some useful tips to me  by doing light exercise for flat feet by using foot roller, stretching exercise and grab the towel with the toe.

JennOrtho is the Asia's leading provider of individually designed 3D Custom Medical Orthotics. Various designs of shoes selection with good arch support insoles in the store.

Flat feet shoes range that is suitable for different feet conditions
My selections of shoes that suites my flat feet
Children Orthopaedic Footwear that provides extra support and to correct severe flat feet. It also help to correct In Toeing or Tip Toeing.

JennOrtho is having 50% sales promotion going on. Free feet check up and consultation with the experts too.

I enjoyed the free foot alignment check at JennOrtho and get it fix earlier so I can have a healthier body and healthy spine. Confident woman comes with a good posture. Start choosing the right arch support now and experience a whole new world of comfort.

Location : 
Mid Valley Megamall,
S011 2nd Floor,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Contact: 013-669 8111
Operating hours : 10am to 10pm daily.