Your Memorable Moment Can Be a Piece of Art! AvatarOn. Your space, your choice.

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Memories is part of us.

December 2019 has come to an end and we have a lot of sweet memories to share. Looking back at our family photos reminds us that we have a splendid time together and we enjoy creating memorable moments that we always treasure.

Life happens in a flash; memories are forever. That’s why we must live life to the fullest. Do the things you’ve always wanted to do. The things you love.

Memories are priceless. I always have this practice to store our photo moments as I believe kids would love it when they flip over all the sweet photo memories when we travel, had fun during activities and even for birthday celebrations. Scrapbooks and photo albums help you preserve them forever.

Ever thought about printing those sweet memories into a piece of art in your home? Here’s how!

Schneider Electric’s AvatarOn, taking personalisation to the next level.

AvatarOn by Schneider Electric is an extensive range of switches that are available in an array of replaceable covers for full customisation and integration to any home d├ęcor. AvatarOn allows you to have the flexibility to personalise your switches and change it anytime and however you want it. The unique, patented technology and exquisite manufacturing ensure comfortable operation, and the easy-mount design allows you to change the faceplates as quickly and easily as you wish.

The customised pattern covers of AvatarOn provides you with an extra canvas to showcase your creativity in a subtle yet apparent way. Perhaps, personalised covers with photographs of loved ones and those special moments in life to remind us of all the happy moments.

With the AvatarOn, house switches are no longer just a functional brick on the wall!

Get your AvatarOn and create your own story!  

From form to function, this iF Design Award winning AvatarOn series exemplifies Schneider Electric’s unique design concept of customisation and personalisation for your lifestyle. Comes with four classic design in White, Soft Wood, Dark Wood and Gold Hairline, it can give every room its own story through its personalisation ability.

Check out now to purchase your AvatarOn or get it from Lazada. Personalised it by printing your photos on the faceplates through
It’s almost the end of the year! Keep your 2019 memory alive by making it an art in your home!