Sarong Party Grill (SPG) by Bijan.

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  Award winning Malay restaurant, Bijan, presents a new-age culinary experience

SPG by Bijan

Bijan, the pioneer of refined Malay dining, is excited to bring Kuala Lumpur an

original venture, SPG by Bijan.

SPG stands for Sarong Party Grill, a playful interpretation of the colloquial term: “Sarong Party Girl”. The aforementioned refers to Asian women who engaged with British colonisers who arrived in Malaysia and Singapore, back in the early to mid 20th century. Since then, a series of humorous books and films have hit the entertainment market, creating a vivacious narrative for so called “SPG’s”. Thus, SPG by Bijan aims to be the literal emblem of Modern Malaysia by being both, a tapas bar and grill, serving only exceptional food and exotic cocktails.


SPG is located in the attached bungalow next to Bijan with an adjoining doorway, connecting the two restaurants for a seamless night out in town. With immediate transitions of atmosphere depending on what one feels like, it’s hard not to have fun. The interior is designed with elegant, chic, and alluring shades of blue, fuchsia and green, paying homage to the flirty yesteryears. Vent blocks, hand printed tiles and floral batik motifs adorn the interiors lending a nostalgic approach that is elevated with modern and eccentric pieces of furniture in lush jewel tones.

The space has a colourful terrace lounge with an eclectic mix of rattan, retro furniture and a beautifully hand printed tiled bar for drinkers. While the inside area has a sophisticated table seating arrangement for more exclusive dining and includes an articulately decorated private room with a floral, mural wall that seats ten- an ideal space for celebrations.


An exciting space that bursts with energy, SPG is the hotspot for pre-dinner and after dinner drinks, which features a plethora of Asian-Inspired signature cocktails, as well as the classics we’ve all come to love. For instance: The Stinkini (martini, dry vermouth and pickled petai) is a twist on the original Gibson for those brave enough to endure the savoury notes of our beloved, national treasure- petai. Those who enjoy cheeky word play, and even better drinks, try the Yellow Fever, infused with gin, turmeric, honey and tonic water. However, if frozen cocktails are your poison of choice, our Asam Pedas cocktail (tequila, triple sec and tamarind juice) serves to be refreshing and tangy; common traits of Malaysian cuisine. Non-alcoholic drinkers can also enjoy a variety of mocktails such as the Bluepea Tonic, a concoction of honey, lemon topped with blue pea syrup and Fruitea, a sweet, multi-layered drink anyone can enjoy.

The food menu is comprised of an assortment of tapas dishes that fuse traditional Malaysian flavours and Euro- centric techniques (and vice versa) that are to be shared over cocktails or wine. The heavyweights of the menu are the items “From the Grill”, which are paired perfectly with any of the “Greens and grains”. Finish off SPG’s culinary feast with any (or all) of the Desserts- a playful take on Malaysian favourites from our childhoods.

One of our signature tapas dishes is the Ah Ran Sini, a deep fried rice ball stuffed with the flavours of the iconic Nasi Lemak (inspired by the Italian arancini). Additionally, Pais Barramundi is unlike any other Barramundi dish, with its sophisticated texture, depth of flavour, and homemade “banana leather”. As well as the Muhibbahger, which quite literally represents “One Malaysia” as the bao is emblematic of Chinese culture, whilst the cucumber raita sauce comes from Indian influence, and the percik chicken, hailing all the way from the straits of Malaya. Additionally, SPG also houses a picky-eater essential: the Jackfruit Rendang Bao, which has proven to be a favourite amongst vegans and meat-eaters alike.

The grilled meats and seafood plates are served with an assortment of SPG’s own home- curated sambals. The Angus Oyster Blade, Lamb Loin, and variety of Satays are just to name a few. Not to mention, the Grilled Calamari and Pomfret, which are Malaysian classics cooked in an innovative, unique manner. Lastly, finish off your feast with our Pulut Mango Cake, served with fresh mangoes and coconut glutinous rice on a buttery biscuit base that’ll leave you leading the rest of the night on a high note. Or try Banana over Bananas, a true banana bonanza for those craving an adventurous, fruity feel!

Of course, if you can’t decide what to choose from our vast selection of treats, we also offer three sets comprised of our favourite pairings! We’ve done all the hard work, just for you.

So join us for a memorable night out, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur’s city centre but with double the energy, triple the cheeky cocktails, and infinite amounts of scrumptious food!

SPG is open daily for lunch with specially curated three course menus. This includes a choice of Tun Teja, Cik Siti Wan Kembang, Nyonya Manis or Cik Mek Molek. Alternatively, choose to indulge in all time favourites such Laksa Nogori noodles (smoked beef noodle in coconut gravy & micro herbs) or Kari Laksa (nyonya style egg noodle seafood curry laksa with tofu)

Lunch menu is available daily from 12 – 4pm.
SPG by Bijan
No.3A Jalan Ceylon, Kuala Lumpur 50200, Malaysia
Tel: 03 2022 3575
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday from 12.00pm-12.00am

Should you require any further information, please do contact the undersigned below.

Selena Mak
(Senior Sales & Marketing Manager)

t.      03 2031 6568 m. 016-631 2628

Ezah Izzati Othman

(Marketing & Social Media Executive)

t.      03 2031 6568 m. 017-515 3439