Healthy Product from Second Life

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Healthy supplement is very important to our body especially working mums like myself. We have a tight schedule and eating outside during lunch hour sometime does giving me constipation problem. Adding on with work stress and juggling between work and family makes me lack of sleep too.

Second Life -health product comes with a small compact and convenient packaging powder form sachet.
There are 20 sachets x 3g inside this packaging. A sachet mixed mango with Tarula Yeast and Milk Thistle extract. Consume only one sachet before bedtime. It's powdery and can be  directly pour into mouth. Drink plenty of water to ensure adequate hydration.

This is my first try and I do love the taste. The aroma and flavour of the mango.

It has the following benefits : 
Vitamin & Mineral
- 抗氧化anti-oxidation
- 有助于消化 help digestion
- 维持血糖水平 maintain blood sugar levels

Product Functions:
- Liver protection: prevention of liver damage & liver disease
-Beauty: Improves skin dullness. to promote metabolism
- Detoxification: improving constipation

Can easily bring it during my travelling time and consume before bedtime for a more healthy body.

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