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With 100% Premium Tea Extracts
Protecting your skin from pollution, stress and cosmetics

Being a successful and beautiful woman at the same time is not as easy as it seems nevertheless, it’s not impossible, too. Just like life, beauty is an adventure – there will always be challenges that test your confidence.

As soon as we leave the house, we are inevitably exposed to three major skin problems — The first being environmental pollution such as dirt, vehicle smoke, UV rays and free radicals. These problems contributes to dull skin, dark spots and premature aging.

The second major factor are stress coming from having a hectic daily schedule, staying up late and hormone imbalances, are also known to cause oil accumulation under the skin, resulting in acne prone and oily skin texture.

Also known as the silent enemy, cosmetic residue is also known as the third main contributor that triggers skin problem. When the skin is not thoroughly cleansed, the residue will trigger the accumulation and growth of bacteria, hence clogging the pores, causes the skin to dry, roughen and be dehydrated. Moreover, what is thought to beautify the skin can cause can also be the ultimate foe.
Thus, how do we combat these 3 known causes of today’s skin problems ?

Antioxidants, a natural form of defense for the skin, reduces, neutralises and protects the skin cells from harmful free radical damages. However, with increase of age, our skin produces less antioxidants, therefore, externally sourced antioxidants is the solution.
Naturally obtainable from botanical sources such as tea leaves extract, known for its high antioxidant content as well as plenty of other essential nutrients, the tea leaf extracts helps to attain healthy, beautiful and most importantly, glowing skin.

As a skincare and personal care brand that has dominated the Malaysian market for the past two decades, SAFI truly understands the needs for a specialised skincare product, developed to to combat current skin problems. Introducing, BEAUTEA by SAFI with 100% premium tea that uses carefully selected White, Green and Black tea leaves for healthy skin benefits. SAFI is the first Malaysian skincare brand in the market to utilize the proven efficacy and the beauty benefits possessed by this herbaceous plant through a range of BEAUTEA by SAFI products.

SAFI's latest scientific beauty innovation is a result of its ongoing commitment to the research and development of skincare products via SAFI RESEARCH INSTITUTE - the world's largest Halal cosmetics product lab, based in Subang Jaya.

BEAUTEA by SAFI combines the benefits of 100% premium antioxidant-rich tea leaf extracts and natural active ingredients that effectively cleanses and protects the skin from free radicals. It is dermatologically tested, FREE from SLES / SLS, mineral oils, dyes, alcohols, parabens, and certified by Halal by JAKIM.

The BEAUTEA by SAFI range offers 3 types of cleansers and 1 face scrub. Each works to help detoxifying the skin from harmful pollutants, thoroughly cleanses the residue and also relieves skin from acne and stress; refreshes and improves the skin barrier and defends the skin from free radicals.

The result? BEAUTEA by SAFI rejuvenates the skin; making it, healthier and radiant, hence freeing it from harmful threats!

Are you ready to experience the benefits of beauty transformation and combat your skin’s skin enemies with BEAUTEA by SAFI enriched with 100% premium tea extract? Squeeze the tube onto the palm and rub with water until it foams. Lather it onto the face in rotating motion. Rinse with water and enjoy clean, fresh and natural skin.

The BEAUTEA by SAFI range is priced at RM23.30 (150g) available at selected pharmacies in Malaysia and online. For more information and latest promotions from SAFI, visit SAFI's official website at, SAFI's official Facebook page at and SAFI's Instagram page at .

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