Raya Bergaya with Sungei Wang

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Sungei Wang celebrated Raya together with children from Rumah Bakti Nur Syaheera.

Malaysia is blessed with a variety of traditions and festival of which each and every Malaysian is able to come together to share and experience this unique diversity that reflects the nation’s success as a multi-cultural society. In conjunction with Ramadhan and Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Sungei Wang is all set to welcome and bring joy to celebrate this festive with the theme of “Raya Bergaya” for local and international shoppers.

“To celebrate the Ramadhan, Sungei Wang invited the children from Rumah Bakti Nur Syaheera for a buka puasa session at Nando’s, Sungei Wang to be part of the Corporate Social Responsibility programme. Before the gourmet feast, the children were brought to the concourse floor to join the ketupat weaving workshop together with the experts. Their works were displayed as Sungei Wang’s Raya Bergaya decorations throughout the campaign period. Besides, the children from Rumah Bakti Nur Syaheera were also invited onto the stage to take a group photo with the fascinating decorations.” says Mr Hadi, Acting Complex Manager of Sungei Wang.

Children and media were then moving on with the buka puasa session at Nando’s. The event ended with Raya goodie bag presentation to the children by the management of Sungei Wang.

Sungei Wang Raya Bergaya

Sungei Wang kicked off its Raya campaign, Raya Bergaya, to welcome the spirit of Raya festival. The Raya Bergaya campaign commences from 3 May till 9 June 2019. Sungei Wang’s atrium has been decked with modern Arabian and ketupat concept in glittery gold to create a mesmerizing effect of elegance sensation to capture the Raya festivity. Aspired from the modern ketupat setting, the stage is adorned with a little modern Arabian concept with a shimmery tunnel, which is perfect for selfie. Dangling on top, the wavy hanging curtain and Ketupat with soft LED lighting where shoppers will be soaked in the Raya festivity while shop at Sungei Wang.

Raya Bergaya Events and Activities

Let’s the exciting Raya Bergaya performances such as Tarian Raya Bergaya and Raya Live Band Performance on weekends to enhance your festive shopping mood. What’s more? Learn about make-up with the experts from SCCA on 25 May 2019. Local social influencers, Alya Zulaikha, Lena Sabrinaa, Miera Leydia and Myra Muzaffa will then be showing up on the stage for a fashion runway and meet their followers.

Witness the talents conquered the stage on 12 May for Raya Poetry Competition. Neeta Manishaa will be invited to be the judge and make a public appearance on the day.

Be impressed with modern hijab dressing skills from the talented students from different fashion schools!

The renowned Didi Astillah, Syada Amzah and Adam Lee will be judging Hijab Fashion Competition on 26
May and interact with their fans.

Pick up some skills this Ramadhan where Sungei Wang offers a series of learning fun workshops to shoppers. Register to learn from the experts to create your very own modern Ketupat and Arabian Sand Art Key Chain on weekends. Be hurry to secure a seat by registering on Sungei Wang’s official Facebook page.

Raya Bergaya Redemption

Shoppers who spend a minimum of RM120 in maximum of two accumulated receipts will be entitled to redeem a set of Exclusive Sungei Wang Raya Bergaya Raya Packet. Whereas, spending a minimum of RM388 in a maximum of two accumulated receipts will entitle you to redeem an exclusive Sungei Wang Rainbow Cutlery Set. Terms and conditions apply.

Here in Sungei Wang, there is always a good place for your ‘buka puasa’ session. Book your seats from over for more than 40 food and beverage outlets under one roof, you will be spoilt for choice to break-fast.

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