LEGO Speed Build Contest @ Metrojaya Mid Valley

Thursday, April 11, 2019 0 Comments A+ a-

Last weekend, we join the LEGO Speed Building organized by Metrojaya Mid Valley during the school holiday. I was lucky to get 3 seats for my kiddos and registered early in their FB page.

The first prize gift is quite attractive and every participant gets a goodie bag too. 
When we reached there at 4.45pm, the kids department (toys section) was well prepared with prizes and seat settings for the kids. The organizer has a list of confirm registration.

Sharp 5pm, the competition started and kids are given each a set of Lego packs. Who can assemble the Lego the fastest, he or she will be the Champion! (Photo credit to Metrojaya FB)
We did not even make it to 4th prize, but every one of them was given a warm goodie bag and most happy moments is when kids get to bring back the Lego packs!!!

The event was fun especially when the clown came and entertain the crowds with many lovely balloons and we all had a good laugh. Great weekend with my kiddos and they get to experience the competitive moments.