Boss Chilli Sauce

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BOSS- “Benchmark of Superb Standards” is a chili based product brand began in making the BOSS chili sauce from a homemade recipe. This chili sauce is produced by natural ingredients with no added coloring and preservatives. 

Be it Happy Boss, Angry Boss or Crazy Boss, Boss Chilli Sauce are everyone’s favourite dipping sauce. 

Boss Chilli Sauce Family Pack contains three different types of chilli sauce to be used as a dipping or condiments. It is suitable for all kinds of food and it gives out a tangy, sweet, sour and spicy taste that complements with almost anything. 

1 x Happy BOSS
1 x Angry BOSS
1 x Crazy BOSS

Happy Boss
Happy Boss Chilli Sauce is a mild heat level sauce which is suitable for public who cannot stand strong chilli foods but a fan of Asian flavours and a little heat. It is like the happy boss who is EVERYONE’s FAVOURITE BOSS. It is suitable to be used as condiments with all kinds of meals such as fish, eggs, chicken, vegetables and many more.

Angry Boss
Angry Boss Chilli Sauce is a medium heat level sauce which is suitable for medium heat chilli food lover. It has a very fragrance smell and a deep rich aged flavour of the chilli. It is like the angry boss who is not easy going but you will fall in love once you adapt to it. It is recommended for steamboats, condiments or seasoning for fried rice, noodles and other foods.

Crazy Boss
Crazy Boss Chilli Sauce is a very hot chilli level sauce where the taste at first taste as a stinging hot pepper. The taste is unpredictable like a crazy boss who will make you mad but still admire by some at the crazy fans like you! It is highly suitable to be used for wraps, stir-fry, on chicken, Barbeque grills and other foods as a dipping sauce. This is my favourite among all

Benefits of Boss Chilli Sauce:
• Ready to eat at all time
• Three level of hotness to be chosen from
• Suitable to be mixed and matched during meal
• Can be used for cooking
• Can be used as condiments, seasoning & dipping for foods

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