TaPauSab Event @ Jalan Jalan Japan, 1Shamelin Mall - Our Awesome Grab!!

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TaPauSab Event @ Jalan Jalan Japan is back AGAIN! I am truly excited to check out the TaPauSab event at 1Shamelin Mall with my family. Kids are happy too when mummy said you can grab as much clothes as you like! Girls just love shopping rite??
We only managed to reach there at 11am and there are small crowd start choosing the available clothes at the side corner of the entrance of Jalan Jalan Japan.
You can choose 1 Plastic bag for RM 5, or RM10 for 3 plastic bags
Of course we will go for 3 plastic bags. I am targeting more than 30 clothes. We start to choose our clothes at TaPauSab corner. No time limit, choose the clothes and roll them neatly and fit into the given plastic bags and bring them back all.

Adults clothing for girls only. Selection of shorts skirts, long skirts, knee length skirts, short pants, blouse, long sleeves shirt, cardigan and lots more. There are sizes indication from S,M and L size. All are pretty good in quality and style. Just need a good wash when you bring it back.
Kids clothing with choices of rompers, short pants, skirts, t-shirt, vest, long pants, blouse, long sleeves shirt and etc. Suitable for baby, toddler and kids age up to 6 years old for both boy and girl.
Few selection of our clothes.
Place to roll your clothes and a basket to put in the hangers.

My hubby techniques to roll the clothes into smaller size to fit into the plastic bags. No rush at all. Just choose wisely and roll your choices of clothes into the given plastic bags.
Anything you can fit in the bag is yours to take home.
Hubby is the best packer for clothes as always.
All three plastics bags is full of clothes and sealed neatly. Satisfied and Mission Complete!
We managed to get 38 clothes in total. Wow!! What a great achievement for our first time experience of TaPauSab!
OOTD TIME! Girls choose her own pink vest and mini skirts.
Casual clothing for myself. Comfy wear and good material.
My advise:
1) Go early at 10am to have more choices of clothes.
2) Have good technique to roll the clothes into smaller size and can fit into the plastic bag. Start with those thick fabric and placed on the bottom.
3) Leave small place on top that is enough to seal it without tearing it.

You'll always get more at Jalan Jalan Japan regardless of your budget. Prices starts at RM1 for many items. All items are shipped directly from Japan and you will be able to find a good treasure here. Shopping adventure with preloved goods from japan that is memorable and fun.

Check out their FB page for monthly update for TaPauSab event at all 2 outlets - 1Shamelin Mall and One City Sky Park, USJ. 

1 Shamelin Mall, Cheras
Lot L3-006, Level 3,
1 Shamelin Mall,
100, Jalan 4/91,
Taman Shamelin  Perkasa,
56100, Kuala Lumpur,

Tel : 012-267 3840

Business hours is: 10.00 am - 10.00 pm

FB : https://www.facebook.com/JalanJalanJapan.Malaysia/?ref=br_rs

Website : http://jalanjalanjapan.com.my/