TaPauSab Event @ Jalan Jalan Japan, 1Shamelin Mall - Our Awesome Grab!!

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TaPauSab Event @ Jalan Jalan Japan is back AGAIN! I am truly excited to check out the TaPauSab event at 1Shamelin Mall with my family. Kids are happy too when mummy said you can grab as much clothes as you like! Girls just love shopping rite??
We only managed to reach there at 11am and there are small crowd start choosing the available clothes at the side corner of the entrance of Jalan Jalan Japan.
You can choose 1 Plastic bag for RM 5, or RM10 for 3 plastic bags
Of course we will go for 3 plastic bags. I am targeting more than 30 clothes. We start to choose our clothes at TaPauSab corner. No time limit, choose the clothes and roll them neatly and fit into the given plastic bags and bring them back all.

Adults clothing for girls only. Selection of shorts skirts, long skirts, knee length skirts, short pants, blouse, long sleeves shirt, cardigan and lots more. There are sizes indication from S,M and L size. All are pretty good in quality and style. Just need a good wash when you bring it back.
Kids clothing with choices of rompers, short pants, skirts, t-shirt, vest, long pants, blouse, long sleeves shirt and etc. Suitable for baby, toddler and kids age up to 6 years old for both boy and girl.
Few selection of our clothes.
Place to roll your clothes and a basket to put in the hangers.

My hubby techniques to roll the clothes into smaller size to fit into the plastic bags. No rush at all. Just choose wisely and roll your choices of clothes into the given plastic bags.
Anything you can fit in the bag is yours to take home.
Hubby is the best packer for clothes as always.
All three plastics bags is full of clothes and sealed neatly. Satisfied and Mission Complete!
We managed to get 38 clothes in total. Wow!! What a great achievement for our first time experience of TaPauSab!
OOTD TIME! Girls choose her own pink vest and mini skirts.
Casual clothing for myself. Comfy wear and good material.
My advise:
1) Go early at 10am to have more choices of clothes.
2) Have good technique to roll the clothes into smaller size and can fit into the plastic bag. Start with those thick fabric and placed on the bottom.
3) Leave small place on top that is enough to seal it without tearing it.

You'll always get more at Jalan Jalan Japan regardless of your budget. Prices starts at RM1 for many items. All items are shipped directly from Japan and you will be able to find a good treasure here. Shopping adventure with preloved goods from japan that is memorable and fun.

Check out their FB page for monthly update for TaPauSab event at all 2 outlets - 1Shamelin Mall and One City Sky Park, USJ. 

1 Shamelin Mall, Cheras
Lot L3-006, Level 3,
1 Shamelin Mall,
100, Jalan 4/91,
Taman Shamelin  Perkasa,
56100, Kuala Lumpur,

Tel : 012-267 3840

Business hours is: 10.00 am - 10.00 pm

FB : https://www.facebook.com/JalanJalanJapan.Malaysia/?ref=br_rs

Website : http://jalanjalanjapan.com.my/

Wonderful Family Friendly Hotel @ Swan Garden Hotel & Residences Melaka

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Where to go with the kids during this School Holiday? Kids are feeling overjoyed when I am packing their clothes and we are heading to Melaka Town. Travelling together is indeed a great way to bond and we create that special memories and moments that last forever.

We choose Swan Garden Hotel Melaka, the coziest boutique hotel in Melaka. Enjoy the atmosphere of Melaka's latest luxury boutique hotel tucked away in a quiet and serene corner of the historical city. This family friendly hotel is central and is within walking distance to most of the major tourist attractions.

There are 4 types of Room Concept in Swan Garden Hotel and each have their own unique theme. Balinese, Baba & Nyonya, Malay Traditional and British India. Each theme has been lovingly created to reflect culture of the era with a touch of modern day comforts. 

There are also four main category of suites to choose from. There are Swan Suite, Garden Suite, Swan Garden Suite and Heritage Suite.
Our bright spacious room is the Heritage Suite located at Level 7 with Family Malay Traditional Theme. The Malay heritage has been redefined with luxurious comfort with exquisite use of rattan, wood and weaved furniture with floral or geometric carvings. The room's ambiance is further enhanced with the use of dark and dark brown hues to recreate the cosy comforts of a Malay home.

Fit comfortably for our family with a king sized bed, extra bed and a baby cot.
Complimentary drinking water (replenish daily), coffee and tea making facilities,electric kettle, a mini bar and safe box.
Iron and ironing board and laundry bag
Impressive bathroom area with double sinks, separate shower and a gigantic Jacuzzi. Of course Kids love it the most.They can't wait to soak in a hot tub and have a bubble bath.
Our room have a beautiful view from the balcony
Additional bathroom near to the entrance of our room
Family photos first since kiddos in good mood and feeling excited to check out the hotel facilities
"Cyclicious" Bike rental.
3 hours • RM30 for 3 hours, subsequent hour at RM20
Starting 12 Nov 2018, stay with Swan Garden Melaka to enjoy Cyclicious promotion rate on first come first served basis. Day time rental 7am to 6pm (returning time). Full day rental at RM100 per bike
Kids have fun walking together to the beach area while watching daddy doing his cycling
It is very convenient to go around Melaka attraction place by bike as the hotel location is perfectly located nearby. Hubby have fun cycling from hotel to the nearby beach. It's been a while since the last time he cycle. This definitely bring back his sweet memory where he used to cycle to working place when he was young. Looking forward to cycle together with our kiddos next time.
Night view from our room at Level 7. There are many cafes and bars for guest to hang out at night. Just a walking distance from the hotel.
The next morning, Kids waking up early at 7am! Breakfast is served at Level 2. Mouth watering morning breakfast and I found my appetizing nasi lemak and my all time favorite porridge condiments. Simply appetizing and delicious. There are chicken rendang, sausages, baked beans and hash browns
There are section for salad, fruits, cereals, bread, fresh juice and coffee or tea.
We are lucky enough to have the chance to enjoy the sunny side up egg at the live cooking section. It was merely set up just two days ago. You can also opt for scrambled egg.

When it comes to desserts, kids are feeling extremely excited to get their favourite choice of cakes to satisfy their sweet tooth.
Swan Garden Hotel Melaka is offering a Western High Tea set for only RM 45+6% sst. This 3-tier High Tea set have a delectable choices of chocolate cakes, chocolate cookies, scones, chocolate banana muffin, fluffy cupcakes, fruit tarts,and etc. Served together with hot beverages- coffee or tea.
A great evening time with my children to enjoy these elegant sweet treats together.
After the high tea session, I am leaving the kids with hubby. The best thing about this hotel where they have Spa at Level 3 which means I can go for a massage session which I need it most! Holistic massage therapy is the perfect way to experience total relaxation of mind and body. Swan Spa Village specially blended pure essential oils to enhance our massage and tropical experience. There are four types of massage oil - Spice, Passion, Relax or Sport Rub. I prefer Sport Rub as it bring warming comfort to the body with Nutmeg, Rosemary, and Basli. 

The spa session start with Foot bath for 10 minutes using Rosey Salt. Next, I am doing the Swan Signature Massage
Leave feeling like you are floating on a cloud with this full-body massage designed to ease away any aches and pains in your body with Combining different massage techniques-pressure points, palm pressure, sliding and kneading. 90 minutes of massage session is great enough to make me feel rejuvenated, feeling energetic and relaxing. A pleasant experience with good masseuse.

The sauna is available at the Swan Spa Village
Baby girl are feeling happy with her baby cot.Having so much fun with her little siblings and she always give me good laughter and joy.
Kids friendly place and they enjoy so much during the stay
Ample of parking space surrounds the hotel area.The parking community is open to public and we can easily find a parking spot just right opposite the hotel or beside it.
We have a splendid holiday to Melaka and memorable stay at Swan Garden Hotel. We are feeling homey and grateful for their hospitality and friendly hotel staff. 

Good news to my loyal readers. Please quote my blog 'Weekend Treat' and you will be entitle for 15% discount to enjoy this high tea set that is available every Saturday and Sunday beginning 23 Dec 2018 from 3pm to 5pm, advance booking is required through their Facebook page.

Promotions will end on 28 Feb 2019.

Swan Garden Hotel & Residences Melaka
1, Jalan KSB 1, Taman Kota Syahbandar,
75200 Melaka. Malaysia
(GPS: 2.193967,102.237273)

Email : reservation.melaka

 Tel :+606 - 288 0888

Website :https://www.swangardenhotel.com/melaka/

FB : https://www.facebook.com/swangardenhotel.melaka/