Mummies Choice - Huggies Dry Pants 1. Malaysia's Fastest Absorbing Diaper Pants

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Glad to know that Huggies Dry Pants is Malaysia’s Fastest Absorbing diaper pants that features a rapid fast technology of 1000 fast absorbing Micro Holes that helps lock in wetness and keeps baby dry.

My little baby girl just had a great 1st. birthday celebration and she is now 1 year old. She is growing fast and active, sometime getting harder to get her to wear her diapers properly. Huggies Dry Pants is easy to wear and it fits her comfortably. 

My baby girl now always poo at least twice a day, as she is now teething. Sometime she gets rashes and it makes me worry. But with Huggies Dry Pants, its good absorption is able to make my baby happy and protected at all times. Seeing is really believing, watch the video below to see what I mean.

Besides that, Huggies® Diaper technology for dryness and breathability is clinically proven++ to help prevent diaper rash or dermatitis. That makes me more confident to use Huggies brand. 

Another advantages from Huggies Dry Pants is that they have 5-way comfort fit, enhanced stretch and elasticity. Baby can move freely and comfortable while wearing the diapers.

I believe that Huggies Dry Pants- Malaysia's Fastest Absorbing Diaper Pants is the best! I love how Huggies Dry Pants able to provide extra protection against leaks at the legs and the great absorption that makes baby feel happy, dry and comfy.

A happy baby keeps mummy worries away!

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