Cooking Demo by Ginn Lam @ Quill City Mall Kuala Lumpur

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On 21st of December 2018, Ginn International began an initiative to herald and prepare the Influencers of Tomorrow with the KL Pitstop for its Star Brand Influencers Program, right on the heels of its similar Workshop in Pyeongchon Korea that was held in Partnership with the Senior Models Association Korea and the Federation of Cultural & Artistic Organizations of Korea. This earlier Workshop that served as the prelude for our very own KL Pitstop session was conducted within the professional training rooms of the prestigious SBS Beauty Academy Korea.I was made to understand that the event I attended prior to the Workshop is also a celebration of Ginn International's 1-year Journey in Malaysia that focuses on making media that matters and nurturing aspiring women of all ages to take up the mantle of entrepreneurs in this new age of online & on-ground convergence. Spearheaded by Ginnie Lam, who is also Chairwoman of Star Brand Awards International and the United Nations Ambassador for the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), she has made inroads into Korea and China with an uncommon story of advocating nobility and virtue, notwithstanding her own story of perseverance and sacrifice. 

It is in this Ginn (True) spirit of charity and conservation, that Ginnie worked with her Social Enterprise Partner (Blossomly Global) and her Official Online Radio ( to promote awarenesss on marine Iife conservation by cooking up a storm with her very own recipe of a HK-Style Beauty Vegan Soup ~ using 3 main types of mushroom, with an ensemble of vegetables, tofu and glass noodles. Due to availability, a special kind of red vinegar popular in HK may also be added to create a uniquely flavored broth that more than deserves to replace all shark fin and crab meat soups so beloved by Chinese diners across Asia. Ginnie also prepared a special HK Herbal Tea that acts to soothe away the heat of our tropical climes and which again serves as a wonderful substitute for our traditional Turtle Jelly concoction which uses turtle parts in its making. 
Therefore, in a single afternoon sitting, I have been introduced to 2 very easy-to-make recipes that allows me to help save the lives of sharks and turtles. Marine life will get a boost if we, like the message of this event, stop consuming wonderful sea creatures and more importantly, choose to be healthy in our dietary ways. In this manner, not only do we protect the oceans.. we protect ourselves now and we protect the future of the world. 

All this made me very proud to be introduced as the latest lineup among 11 Ginn International Bloggers for this KL Chapter edition of the Star Brand Awards Program and Social Enterprise journalistic team. We look forward to more of Ginn International's Fairy Queen Beauty Pageant and Star Brand Awards Grand Gala activities leading up to June 2019. All this action happened at the newly unveiled Superstar Radio Station (under at Quill City Mall, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, just launched a few days before the Workshop & Event on 18th Dec 2018. 

With such a stellar cast of Partners & Talents, mavericks and mavens.. I hope to witness much more of what is to come from this grouping of amazing businesses and platforms.