Get On-the-Go with Anlene -My Experience

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Get the Joints Moving!!

Yeah that's my daily personal challenge that I set to get myself healthy and I am targeting to hit 10000 steps daily. It is possible with more determination and confident. In order to maintain my healthy bones and joints, daily intake of Anlene UHT milk is a must! For a great morning kick, I will consume one packet of Anlene UHT milk (my favourite Chocolate flavour) and continue with my cereal breakfast. Feeling more energetic and healthy with Anlene that  gets me on-the-go with more collagen, protein, and high calcium while caring for my bones,joints and muscles.

How to get healthy bones? Always ensure that your daily diet contains a sufficient amount of Calcium and Vitamin D! Calcium is needed to support the bone remodelling process, and Vitamin D to absorb Calcium effectively to support optimum bone health. From the recent check up that I have done, my calcium level drops alot throughout my 4th pregnancy. I was quite worried when my results showing that I might encounter bone health risk - osteoporosis. Doctor do advise me to consume more food intake that helps in increasing my calcium level and most important is daily exercise. Exercise helps with osteoporosis because it strengthens muscle and builds bone. And by saying that, Anlene Milk will be able to provide me good calcium, strengthens my bones and joints, and keeps me healthy.

I love the tagline 'Stay Active Stay Agile'! It does motivates me to keep having Anlene in my daily intake to keep me active, healthy, young and agile. Anlene is Malaysia’s number one adult milk brand, specially formulated to support healthy muscles, joints and bones to help Malaysians move as young as they feel. Drinking Anlene UHT Milk making me feel more vitality, more strength and more collagen too!

Anlene UHT milk with 50% more nutrient and now in a ready to go pack! Simple, quick and fun way to enjoy Anlene on the go. Here are the few activities that Anlene have organized to create more awareness to the public of the importance of taking Anlene Milk to care for our bones.(From 27 Aug - 7 Sept 2018)

Jump Higher with Stacy Anam 

I tag along hubby to join me for the jump activities with Anlene on 7 Sept 2018. We have a great time to join the crowd at the Anlene event in front of LOT 10- Jump higher with Stacy Anam and Anlene roving truck is there too.

Anlene Roving Truck- Tasting of two flavour milk - Chocolate and plain.  Anlene UHT milk contains at least 50% more minerals (calcium, magnesium and zinc) and vitamins (Vitamin B6 & D) than regular milk, added with vitamin D in every 100ml. 
Meet Malaysia's dancing queen,Stacy Anam and we have fun jumping together in front of the LED billboard.

It is my first experience to jump at the side of the road facing huge Anlene LED billboard surrounds with laughter and screams together with Anlene drinks supporters.  Such a fun and memorable experience.
 Moreover, we get a packet of Anlene UHT Milk after the jump! 

Anlene On-The-Go Breakfast Pack for Only RM1 at Various LRT Stations

Glad to found Anlene booth at LRT stations to grab my nutritious Anlene UHT Milk. Since I am taking public transport daily, it is so much convenient to grab a packet of Anlene Chocolate Milk flavour that comes in a handy nice packaging and so much affordable.
Taking this opportunity to drop by LRT stations to get RM 1 for one set of Munchy croissant chocolate bread and a pack of Anlene chocolate milk.. Amazing deal and definitely a healthy breakfast pack! 

Long queue? No worries as everyone gets to purchase their favourite drinks (limited to 2 packs per customer). Everyone wants to be healthy and of course who will resist this awesome deals!

Catch Anlene's Roving Truck

Those who missed the dates for RM 1 breakfast, Anlene still have their roving truck moving around Klang Valley to bring happiness to the public to try on Anlene UHT Milk and you also can purchase the Anlene packet drinks at an attractive price which means you can save alot! Customer also can sample the Anlene yogurt taste on the spot.

So grab yours now to enjoy the wholesome benefit from Anlene drink! Always remember the saying Age is no barrier when you move as young as you feel inside. 

Stay Active, Stay Agile!