Kira Kira’s diapers and baby care products roll out in Malaysia

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Japanese cuteness, comfort and quality make happy babies
Babies are born explorers, so why not let them do so in comfort and style? Kira Kira, a premium diaper and baby care brand enhanced with Japanese ingenuity, has just arrived on Malaysian shores to do just that!

The brand’s star products, the Kira Kira Airy Soft Premium Diapers and the Kira Kira Ultra Soft & Dry Premium Pants, have impressed many parents. Happy testimonials from customers on its website showed that their babies are happier, playing more and generally in a better mood.

“Kira Kira’s motto is ‘true quality through simplicity’. Our diapers are certainly designed with that principle in mind. Using innovative Japanese technology, we have created Japanese designed, airy and ultra-soft premium tape and pants diapers that keep our precious little ones cosy and contended all day long,” explains Patt Sue-Ann, Commercial Director – MOOCC of DSG Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

An example, she adds, is the brand’s Magic Dry Bubble Sheet that offers superb and rapid absorption to keep baby bottoms dry and fresh.

“Of course, the kawaii patterns on our diapers means that your little princes and princesses look as good as they feel!” she says.

For greater convenience, parents can opt for the Ultra Soft & Dry Premium Pants, which are available in a wide range of sizes from M to XXL. Its premium breathable materials and two-layer absorbency extend the dry and fresh feeling for longer. Not only that, the soft and gentle fit of waist and legs allows little ones to explore with ease. 

Available in New Born and S sizes, the Airy Soft Premium Tape Diapers are contoured to the waist line and made with premium soft breathable materials. Parents can also easily know when it is time to change the diaper, thanks to the wetness indicator on it, thus keeping rashes or skin irritations at bay. The ultra-soft re-fastenable tapes secure the diaper in place and help babies stay comfortable and cosy all day long.
My baby girl using Ultra Soft & Dry Premium Pants (Size M). Since she turning very fast during diaper change, I need to quickly grab her leg and easily wear the diaper pant for her. Comfortable, soft plus good absorption!

Love the cute design too

Other than diapers, organic baby care products are also Kira Kira’s forte.

“As parents ourselves, we are passionate about taking care of baby’s delicate skin. Made from pure organic ingredients, Kira Kira’s baby care products are developed based on Japanese formulas and are completely free from harsh chemicals,” Patt points out.

The brand’s Top to Toe Wash, for example, cleanse baby’s skin effectively while retaining moisture. The camelia japonica extract leaves skin soft and supple to the touch. Parents also need not worry about residue as the baby wash, available in 400ml bottles, rinses off easily.

Containing organic baobab, the Kira Kira Baby Lotion (380ml) is a great nourishment for baby skin after bath. The super-light, non-sticky water-based formula quickly absorbs into skin and keeps it hydrated.

Nappy cream is also an essential baby care toiletry, and Kira Kira has got you covered. Easy to apply with a light texture, the cream packs with the goodness of chamomile extract and shea butter in its 50ml tube. It heals, soothes and moisturises while protecting the delicate skin from more occurrence of nappy rash.

Another compelling reason to choose Kira Kira? Price. Despite its use of premium materials and absorption technology, Kira Kira tape diapers and diaper pants are competitively priced. The same goes for its organic baby care products – Kira Kira’s baby wash, baby lotion and nappy cream are more wallet-friendly compared with a few other brands in the same premium baby care segment.

For bigger savings, savvy consumers can purchase Kira Kira products at the online marketplace Shopee. Simply visit, purchase products worth more than RM100 and enter the promo code “KK25LAUNCH” during checkout for discount. * Promotion ends 30th September 2018.

Give your babies the gift of comfort and quality care as they explore the world. For more information about Kira Kira, visit and like