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The most worried moment is when our child fall sick and they not able to attend school. The cranky moment, not willing to take the medicine and sleepless night for both kiddos and parents.

Unforgettable experience when my three kids suffer from Hand Foot Mouth Disease. I have no idea where they get infected by it. Zero knowledge about this disease. It started with fever then few red spot on my eldest girl hand. Not painful but the spots have blister. The next two days spread to my second girl with rashes on the buttock area. Finally my third son also have it with more serious condition where he can't eat well because many ulcer in his mouth. More painful when I see almost every part of his body have rashes with blister especially on the leg area. He can't sleep well, heartbroken me crying inside hoping he will recover faster. There is no medicine to cure. Just ensure them have enough liquid and rest.

Thus, whenever I bring them for outing, I will ensure they will wash their hand and feet each time they come home. A warm bath will be better still. I also bring along a hand sanitize and hope it will at least kill the bacteria whenever they touch thing outside. The safety measure that I always remind myself because I am really frightened about this disease.

I came across this product THYMOS® Anti HFMD/FLU Spray which is a high-powered disinfectant specifically designed to help mothers provide an all-round total defence for their little one by eliminating 99.99% Virus infectious diseases.
The sprays is a quick, yet long-lasting solution to unclean surfaces. The spray comes in a travel-size tube and can fit easily in your purse or in your desk drawer & forget about repeated sanitising to ensure the surrounding of your little one is free from infectious disease.

The Anti HFMD/FLU Spray is a revolutionary solution that delivers 10 days long-lasting protection.With clinically proven alcohol and fragrance free technology that generates bacteriostatic electrons and anions to form a shield all day long.

THYMOS® Anti HFMD/FLU Sprays is Revolutionary AirShield Technology from UK. No Alcohol, No Toxic, No Antibiotic, No Steroid.

How to use it :-

 - Spray 3~4Pumps On Object & Gently Rubs Evenly With Cloth For 10Days Protections

 - Wear It Like Perfume to boost antibodies

 - Eliminates Odours & Makes Breathing Better

I spray it on my girl school uniform. During morning time, I spray evenly on the uniform to prevent from disease. It is very useful and handy to use. The tube have approximately 170 sprays and  have long lasting effects.
Kids can have their wonderful playtime while safely protected by THYMOS® Anti HFMD/FLU Sprays. Very useful to spray on the soft toys, playroom, and all other toys. Moreover, I also spray on their car seat in the car during our weekend outing together. Mummy is happy when kids are cheerful and active. Prevention is needed to ensure our kids are safe from HFMD and flu especially when they begin to enter kindergarten. 

The Original Price is RM75, now you can get it at RM69.90 Exclusively available at Guardians Malaysia.

**Spray daily to improve immunity & keep viruses at bay.

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July 12, 2018 at 9:03 AM delete

Is it advisable to spray directly to their palms like hand sanitizer?

Elee Yi
July 20, 2018 at 1:22 AM delete

just spray on their clothes