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Reunion dinners and open house delicacies during  Chinese New Year can make it hard to choose healthy options but Quaker Oats, the World No. 1 Oats brand* and Malaysia’s No. 1 Hot Cereal** brand, makes it easier with its “Share the Oats, Share the Ong” campaign!

With a global legacy of more than 140 years, Quaker Oats continues to bring the whole-grain goodness of oats to Malaysians, using innovative ideas and offerings that are convenient and culturally relevant. To bring more cheer to this festive period, Quaker Oats shares brand-new recipes showing how easy it is to use Quaker Oats for Rice, which is perfect for enjoying reunion dinners while receiving the goodness of oats.

Specially made to be cooked with rice, home cooks can serve up delicious and nutritious dishes using recipes like Dark Sauce Chicken with Mushrooms in a Pot, Hokkien Yam Rice, and Tomato Seafood Rice, which will surely impress family members. Made from natural, whole-rolled Australian oats, Quaker Oats for Rice contains rich in dietary Fibre, high in Protein & Magnesium, source of Iron & Vitamin B12.

“We are excited to launch this campaign in Malaysia to raise awareness and educate the public that we can celebrate Chinese New Year in a healthier manner,” said Shaiful Bahari, Mahpar, NAPIM Communications & Citizenship Director, Asia Pacific Region, PepsiCo International. “By just incorporating one small change and adding Oats for Rice in rice for reunion dinners, we can add an additional source of fibre and protein in our meals. We have developed new recipes especially for Chinese New Year to give home cooks a good start in using Quaker Oats for Rice. These recipes supplement the existing recipes on our website which demonstrate how our other products such as Instant Oatmeal and Quick Cook Oatmeal can be used daily in a wide variety of dishes, so families can enjoy all the benefits of oats while they feast in joy together.”

 The Quaker “Share the Oats, Share the Ong” campaign will run until 28 February 2018. During this campaign period, consumers can purchase a Chinese New Year Gift Pack (consisting of a 1kg jar of Instant/Quick Cook Oats, a 600g pack of Oats for Rice and a free Chinese New Year-themed glass jar) at the recommended retail price of RM19.98 from selected hypermarkets and supermarkets (AEON, AEON BiG, Giant, The Store and Econsave) across the nation. Furthermore, deliciously healthy Chinese New Year recipes can be found on the Quaker Malaysia website www.quaker.com.my.

Fans of Quaker Oats can find more information and to stay up-to-date with the latest promotions, events and recipes at www.facebook.com/QuakerMalaysia or www.quaker.com.my.

*Source: Euromonitor International Limited; Packaged Food 2016 edition, as per hot cereals definition, retail value sales; rsp, all retail channels, 2015 data.

** Source: No. 1* in Peninsular Malaysia in Hot Cereal segment within Cereal category, based on Retail Index Service for Cereal category for the 12 months ending March 2017 in Peninsular Malaysia (Copyright © 2016, The Nielsen Company (M) Sdn Bhd)


·         ¾ cup (180g) white or brown rice
·         9 tbsp (90g) Quaker Oats for Rice
·         1 ¾ cups (400ml) water for cooking rice in a rice cooker
·         ½ chicken (500g) without skin and fat, cut into bite-sized pieces
·         6 Chinese mushrooms, soaked until tender, cut into halves
·         1 tbsp ginger, shredded
·         1 tbsp garlic, chopped finely
·         1 tsp white pepper
·         1 ½ tbsp unsaturated cooking oil

Marinade for the chicken:
·         1 tbsp oyster sauce
·         2 tbsp sesame oil
·         ¾ tsp salt
·         1 tsp sugar

1.       Marinate the chicken pieces with seasonings and set aside for a while.
2.       Heat 1 tbsp oil in a non-stick pan. Sauté ginger for 1 minute, add garlic, and stir-fry until golden.
3.       Add marinated chicken pieces and mushrooms. Stir-fry the mixture for about 2-3 minutes. Add 1 cup of hot water.
4.       Bring the gravy to a boil, lower the flame and cover and cook the gravy on a simmering flame for about 15 minutes or until the chicken is cooked and gravy thickens.
5.       Add 1 tsp white pepper.

6.       Mix white or brown rice with Quaker Oats for Rice and 1 ¾ cups water and cook the rice in a rice cooker. After about 10 minutes, add the chicken mixture into the rice cooker. Do not stir until the rice is cooked. When the rice is cooked, mix lightly, dish out and serve.


·         5 tbsp of Quaker Instant Oatmeal
·         4 tbsp whole wheat flour
·         300g fish fillet, washed drained and cut into small pieces
·         2 egg whites, beaten well
·         ½ tsp salt
·         ½ tsp pepper
·         1 tbsp unsaturated cooking oil

Lemon Sauce:
·         5 tbsp lemon juice
·         12 tbsp water
·         2 tsp sugar
·         2 tsp corn flour
·         1 tsp grated lemon peel

1.       Mix oats, whole wheat flour, salt and pepper.
2.       Dip the fish in egg first and then in the oat mixture.
3.       When all the pieces are coated with the oat mixture, pan fry them in a non-stick pan.
4.       Cover and cook on low flame until the fish pieces turn golden brown and are nicely cooked on both sides.
5.       Dish out fish pieces and serve with lemon sauce.

Lemon Sauce:
1.       Boil lemon juice, water and sugar. Add corn flour, stir until the mixture thickens.
2.       Add lemon peel and cook for 1 minute.
3.       Dish out into a small bowl.