CAROMA Bentong Ginger with Tea

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Ginger!! Yes I love ginger so much! I will always hunt for good ginger tea in the supermarket or getting some recommendation from friends and family members. In my daily meal I will prefer to add in few slices of ginger because I love the aroma and also the benefits from ginger intake. It helps me whenever i caught with flu, improve my blood circulation and most powerful healing for my digestive and relieve bloating. The usual method I make ginger tea is by cutting few slices of ginger and boil it with hot water. Adding in with honey for smoother taste. This usually needs about 30-40 minutes duration to get the ginger tea done. Time consuming and need preparation.

Forget about all those mess to cut the ginger and mess around with the ginger bits because I have found a very good product -Caroma Bentong Ginger Tea. Comes in 10 sachets x 20g, this convenient packaging is neatly packed and easy to bring along for travelling as well.

Caroma Bentong Ginger with Tea is my best companion during my confinement period. This whole one month have been a challenging month for me. I have to ensure my body getting all the nutrients to recover from childbirth as well as regain my physical and emotional strength.My mum in law making variety of dishes that will  "warm" my body up. These include ginger and a traditional tonic brewed with herbs. They are believed to promote better blood circulation and strengthen the joints. My daily meal will have ginger ingredients and I also drinking the ginger tea. It helps to expel the "wind" from my body.

Caroma infuses Bentong ginger with fragrant tea to give you a boost of natural goodness with a spicy ginger flavour. The Ginger aroma makes me feel so relaxing and satisfied. Each sip of this wonderful ginger tea has the spicy heat that I wanted to much that helps during my confinement period. It has a “hot” spice that generates internal warmth, making it perfect for  me to boost circulation, relieves my stress and Strengthens immunity. By drinking ginger tea will help strengthen my immunity, thanks to vitamin rich nature of the spice, and its high levels of antioxidants. 

It is rather a good beverages for cold and flu prevention, increase vitality and Aids digestion and absorption of nutrientsGinger aids digestion, boosts our metabolism and speeds up the process of our body absorbing the nutrients from our food.

This healthy beverages also suitable for vegetarians. You can check on their i
ngredients : Brown Sugar, Bentong Ginger, and Tea Powder. Purely Bentong ginger and balance up with sweetness from the brown sugar.

Method of making this ginger tea : Using 150 ml water @ 90'C. The best time of day to drink the tea would be before a big meal – so before lunch or dinner.

Love the aroma and the ginger tea taste. 

For your information, Caroma Bentong Ginger are grown in using soilless method. Ginger planted in Bentong, Malaysia is reputed to be more potent, fragrant and spicier compared to other varieties. Caroma takes pride in using only naturally grown Bentong ginger for its products. Bentong ginger is said to be spicier, more fragrant and potent compared to other gingers, and using home-grown, organic Bentong ginger for the drinks.

100% soilless environment is:
  • free from heavy metal and water pollution, which means residue free ginger, and
  • eliminates the need for deforestation and excessive land clearing
That means you easily enjoy the natural goodness of quality Bentong ginger with this drinks, while doing your part for the environment.

Distribution is limited to Village Grocer. They are part of the Village Grocer Health and Wellness event scheduled for 1 – 11, March. So drop by and get your own cup of CAROMA Bentong Ginger Tea.

The locations as follows :-
1. Bangsar Village, Bangsar 
2 Mont Kiara, Mount Kiara 
3. Sunway Giza, Kota D’sara,
4. Desa Park City, Desa Park 
5. My Town, Peel Road, Cheras

With reference to the Health and Wellness event scheduled for 1 – 11, March. Caroma is employing 5 promoter girl with a sampling tray, each. Shoppers get the chance to taste CAROMA Bentong Ginger Tea. Do drop by to visit their booth to try on this healthy beverages especially those ginger lover like me.

Besides Village Grocer which is their main one, Caroma Ginger Tea also available online ie 11 Street. Sampling till March 11. Buy 2 boxes get free smaller box of 5 sachets. The products will still available at Village Grocer 5 outlets as listed after the event date.

A cup of Caroma every day, an eco-heart for life.
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