Miyabi Japanese Restaurant @ Sheraton Petaling Jaya Hotel

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Great news to Japanese Lovers! There is a new Japanese Cuisines opened at Sheraton Petaling Jaya Hotel featuring authentic Japanese options, including Teppanyaki, Sushi, and Sashimi. Miyabi means 'Elegance' is a contemporary dining venue that provides you a beautiful and relaxing ambiance while enjoying the mouth watering menu prepared by lead Chef Dino Png who have more than 30 years of culinary experience.

Miyabi's decor features earth tones with timber,stone and natural colours enhancing the feel of the restaurant.
Spacious and comfort dining atmosphere with few sections of the dining types. Guest can choose seats with teppanyaki table, sushi bar counter and tempura station. If you are looking into private rooms, there are 4 private dining room named after traditional Japanese flowers.

 The highly talented culinary team will feature a number of signature Japanese dishes presented on earthen stoneware and Japanese lacquerware

Sashimi Moriawase (RM 400)
3 pcs of eight types of fresh fish (Imported fish from Japan)
Our savoury treat begins with Sashimi Moriawase that are gorgeously plated. Fatty fish melt in your mouth like butter when you eat them raw. Such a beautiful and delicious Sashimi platter with fresh texture and flavour. 

We get to enjoy different varieties of Sashimi in one go.

Nama Kaki Special (RM 85)
Tantalizing Fresh oyster with salmon roe, sea urchin, flying fish roe, prawn roe, quail egg yolk and yuzu sauce.

Tempura Moriawase (RM 48)
Assorted seafood and vegetable fritters.Deep fried prawns and vegetables in a light batter served with a dashi-base dipping sauce. A Japanese delicacy that you must have it.

Miyabi Special Maki (RM 80)
With breaded prawn, soft shell crab, Japanese eel and vegetable 
The sushi rolls are generously filled and coated with soft shell crab and Japanese eel topped with healthy avocado and flying fish roe. Feeling enjoyable for this quality and tasty dish. Each pieces of the sushi is delicate on every mouthful.
Next, we are served with Dobin Mushi. A traditional Japanese broth served in a little ceramic teapots, filled up with seafood. A nourishing soup to enjoy it with a squeeze of refreshing lime which then boost up the aroma of the broth.

Appealing Watarari Kani Unagi Harumaki (RM 75)

Soft Shell crab tempura, Japanese eel, avocado, lettuce, cucumber roll in rice paper and sesame dressing. Delectable dish with unique flavour and fresh Japanese eel. I love this the most.

Gindara Karashi Moro (RM 125)
Grilled white cod fish with spicy malted barley bean paste.
This was another crowd pleaser served on our table. The white cod fish has a moist texture and very delicate. Flaky, firm and tender. Every bite is a pleasure especially the combination of the appetizing bean paste. My eldest girl finished up the whole cod fish herself and keep wanting for more! 

Gyuniku Australian Tenderloin (RM 150)
This is top quality beef tenderloin

Green Tea Caramel with Azuki Red Bean (RM 18)
A match made in heaven. Green tea and red bean (adzuki bean) is truly a classic ingredient pair for Japanese sweets. A simple dessert with silky smooth green tea caramel pudding and sweet red bean on top to balanced up the bitter note of the green tea nicely.
For this new opening, Miyabi will be serving complimentary bottle of wine if you order the Sashimi Moriawase (RM 400 nett) or  Beef 'Tomahawk' (RM 68 nett per 100gm)
This is indeed a luxurious treat to bring family or friends to enjoy the sumptuous food in Miyabi especially on the Sashimi platter,some of the best we've tasted. Using the highest quality and premium ingredients serving the Best of Authentic Japanese Cuisine. Truly enjoy the tasty Japanese dish that is well presented and appreciate the welcoming service by the friendly staff.

Miyabi Japanese Restaurant Level 3A,
Sheraton Petaling Jaya Hotel
  • Jalan Utara C
  • 46200 Petaling Jaya,
  • Malaysia

Operating Hours :
12.00pm to 2.30pm & 6.00pm to 10.30pm

Tel : (60)(3) 7622 8999

Website : http://www.starwoodhotels.com/sheraton/property/overview/index.html?propertyID=4126&language=en_US