Pufies Baby Art+Dry Diapers

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Pufies Baby Art+Dry Diapers is an artistic diapers for expressive babies, a product from Bulgaria
If has the following benefit :

Pufies products offer high quality, safety and diversity, so you can enjoy the time spent with your little treasures, without unnecessary worries or cares.

Pufies baby diapers Size XXL fits up to  20 kg and it has a leak protection control that promises comfortable wear. I was attracted by the creative creation of the diapers design by Rhode Island Artist - Allison Cole. 

The diapers are soft and easy to handle. Not made with Latex and no fragrance.

My happy boy getting to try his new diapers. He still using it at night time and the absorption are pretty good. The material is soft and comfy plus strong tape that won't come out easily. The design is lovely and cute for baby and toddler.
Back view of the Pufies diapers. Just fit nicely on him with the size XXL. Wraps up perfectly on his body. These diapers held on to liquid well and he have a good sleep overnight without any leakage. No allergy sign spotted after few days using Pufies and looks good to be continue with it. My boy love the diapers design and feeling so comfortable wearing it.

Pufies Mission is to help mothers and babies enjoy every moment together! And To provide parents and their babies with gentle care and safety from the very first day, combined with a little bit of fun and diversity between the diaper changes.


     No Known Allergens

Allergens are substances from the environment which, although harmless, may cause allergic reactions in some people with high sensitivity.

Known allergens are defined by an EU Directive. Their absence in Pufies diapers is guaranteed with declarations, provided by all of our suppliers for each raw material, used in the product manufacturing and with periodical testing in external accredited laboratories.

     No Fragrances or Lotion

Fragrances (including those used in lotions) involve the risk of allergies and skin irritations. In accordance with the strictly prepared recipes of our products, no additional fragrances or lotions are added in Pufies diapers.

     No Known Toxins

Toxins are all around us and could harm the sensitive child organism.
Pufies are produced only with the use of materials that do not contain any toxic substances under the REACH (Annex XVII to Regulation (EU) № 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals). We guarantee this with conformity declarations, provided by suppliers.

     Non-Allergenic & Non-toxic Colorants

Contact dermatitis is one of the most common allergic reactions in nursing and infancy. It is most frequently caused by contact of the delicate baby skin with domestic or other type of chemistry.

Only harmless colorants, not containing any known allergens and toxins, are used for Pufies diapers, as guaranteed with declarations by each of our suppliers.

     No Latex

Repeated exposure to natural latex may easily lead to an allergic reaction.
Pufies diapers do not contain any natural latex, as guaranteed by declarations from each of our suppliers.

     Elemental Chlorine-Free Pulp

In the industry cellulose is bleached, in order for it to visually meet the standards for whiteness. Some modern methods of bleaching are potential irritants to the skin and can cause allergic reactions.

As declared by suppliers, the cellulose applied in Pufies diapers is bleached without the use of any elemental chlorine.

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Motherhood website : https://www.motherhood.com.my/brands/pufies

More information : http://www.pufies.com/en/