LifWell Pain Relief Wax.

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Pain Relief Wax is a good product for Fast soothing relief from Arthritis, Backache, Muscle and Joint Pain, Shingles, Itching and Burnt.

The natural Ingredients are Grapefruit Essential Oil, Chili Essential Oil, Onion Essential Oil, Garlic Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil, Bee Wax. Not sticky and oily. Easy to use as well.

 Gently apply to to the joint pain area and leave on. Apply just one time a day
We can also apply on the affected area such  as shoulder back and lower back

Caution: It may general heat for 3 hours improving blood circulation. Keep away from kids under 3 years old. Keep in room temperature
A relief and a useful product to keep at home and to be use for all members in the family