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Kleenso (household cleaning) products helps in my daily cleaning especially to clean my bathroom and flooring tiles. Good household cleaning products for our house cores makes our home look clean, pleasant and remove stubborn stains. Kleenso products are anti-bacterial and they promoting eco green environment. The Floor cleaner have the lemongrass aroma and pleasant smell after each cleaning.
Kleenso Liquid Wax Floor Cleaner
Kleenso Serai Wangi Floor Cleaner is formulated especially for tropics country cleaning chores where no rinsing required. It's PH neutral, anti-static and environmental friendly. It goes gives us a non-sticky finishes and bright surface on Marble, Terazzo, Ceramic Tiles, Parquet and all composite flooring. Natural ingredients with Citronella Extract and Lemon Citrus able to repel the household insect like ants, cockroaches, lizards and Mosquito. Moreover, it does not contact pesticide agent too.
Kleenso Tile and Bathroom Cleaner. A total cleaning solution for tile, wall and basin.

Clean and shine all porcelain surface such as tile, toilet bowl, bath tub, basin and etc. It is able to remove tough stains on mosaic and homogeneous tile. The Anti-Bacterial formulation able to kill the germ and dispel odour.

Pesso (pest repellent solutions) Products include : Eco Ant Bait and Eco Cockroach Bait

Using natural ingredients to get rid of those ants and cockroach

Go green with Kleenso Garbage bag

Type of solid waster - Others like glass material that easily break
To dispose only Paper material

About Kleenso Resources
Kleenso Resources is a Malaysian-based manufacturer and distributor and distributor of the Kleenso and Pesso brand of household cleaning and pest repellent solutions, car care products and eco-disposable wares. Kleenso Resources' products are being carried by large retailers such as Giant Hypermarket, Cold Storage, Village Grocer and Aeon stores, as well as by popular family mart and convenience store chains such as Speedmart 99 and Mr. DIY. 

With a rapidly growing portfolio of products and solutions, coupled with an extensive distribution network, Kleenso Resources products and solutions are marketed across the country and exported to over 12 countries. For more information on Kleenso Resources, visit www.kleenso.com.my

Contact :
Jessie Ooi
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