Celebrating 60 Years of Merdeka with Malaysia Book of Records (MBR)

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Malaysia will be celebrating 60 years of achievements and independence, and together with the Malaysian Book of Records, aquariaKLCC will also celebrate an achievement of its own for Hari Merdeka! aquariaKLCC will unveil the Longest Jalur Gemilang in an Underwater Aquarium at a length of 60m to commemorate 60 years of Merdeka. This newest achievement will add on to our existing four Malaysian Book of Records achievements for 1st Live Underwater TV Broadcast with TV3 and 1st Live Underwater Radio Broadcast with FlyFM in 2006, 1st Underwater Board Meeting held in 2011, and Biggest Stingray in Captivity in 2014.

Choir performance by the 1st Runner Up Choir Group from Ministry of Education

Kids have fun on the tour inside Aquaria KLCC with so many underwater creatures to explore and they also have chance to touch and feel them.

Throughout this month of Merdeka, aquariaKLCC will be hosting fun activities and games for all guests every day. The activities will feature quizzes and educational content related to our beautiful Malaysia and its natural wonders, with many prizes to be won by quick and clever guests alike! The full list of Merdeka activities held this month is listed below:


Activity & Venue
Running Duration

Discover Malaysian States

10.30 am-11.15 am

Guests will be challenged to match inhabitants of aquariaKLCC

to the respective Malaysian states they are found in, with help

2.15 pm- 3.00 pm

from signs placed near exhibits

Venue: Education booth
1st August - 3rd

September 2017

Malaysia Trivia Time!

11.30 am-12.00 pm

Visitors to the Education Booth will be presented with quick

quizzes about our Malaysian ecosystem, animals, and other fun

3.15 pm-3.30 pm

nature facts. Correct answers are rewarded with a prize!

Venue: Education booth

Merdeka Memory Game

11.30 am- 12.30 pm

Visitors will be presented with a fun Merdeka-themed memory
1st-25th August

matching game, tailored towards our younger guests, for a chance

3.15 pm- 4.15 pm

to win a prize.

Venue: Education booth

Feeding Frenzy Activity

For a special treat this school
holidays, guests
are invited to
25th August- 3rd
11.00 am

participate in our Flooded Forest Feeding Frenzy!
Guests at our

September 2017

Freshwater Journey will be able to feed our river giants.

Venue: Flooded Forest

Otter Jalur Gemilang Flag-raising

Our adorable Asian Small-clawed Otters will be showing their

11.15 am

patriotic side this Merdeka, as
they raise the Jalur Gemilang in
26th August – 31st

honour of Malaysia’s Hari Merdeka.

August 2017

Venue: Otter Den

There is so much in Malaysia’s 60 years of independence to conserve, love and understand. Come discover Malaysia’s treasures, learn a few new things about our wonderful country, and bond with your family at aquariaKLCC this Hari Merdeka!

Selamat Hari Merdeka yang ke 60 tahun! MERDEKA! MERDEKA! MERDEKA!