We play + We learn @ Worq Glo Damansara

Tuesday, August 29, 2017 0 Comments A+ a-

                    We are invited to join the Saturday morning with fun event organized by WePlay and Motherhood.com.my at Worq Glo Damansara last weekend and it was a memorable moment. Great opportunity to bring my kids here to explore new play activity and parents can join together with them.                 

What is WePlay ? We Play = We Play + We Learn 

WePlay builds up the foundation for future learning.
WePlay connects Playing and Learning – every joyful activity builds the foundation for children’s learning and success in the future.
Kid having fun at the play are with WePlay products. They get to explore and enjoy the playtime before the event start.
We are doing some morning exercise to warm up
Speech by the Mr. Elton Chiu, Ceo of Kiddie Paradise (Taiwan)
We begin the interactive game ( Motor Skills) with the theme Saving the Princess. By using WePlay Cookies Festival, kids and parents going to create the banana bridge or banana boat to save the princess.

Look! Amazing outcome teamwork from daddy and our girls together. All men are save on the bridge now
Second game is the Boss Baby (Balance Co-Ordination). Each child and one parent get to involve. My son throw the dice and daddy have to do the action according to what is the number they get. Sporting daddy and mummy dancing and jumping together. And kids look on laughing together and cheering!
Third interactive games - To become the future Architect (Creativity)
We are going to make a train..choo choo!
We have so much fun and it is a nice bonding moment with my kids. Full of laughter and happy faces!