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The Mid-Autumn Festival  is one of the most important annual festivals that takes place every year on the 15th day of the 8th Chinese lunar month. The month of celebration when we can savour different types of moon cakes and kids enjoying play time with their colourful lantern. Every one in the family gather together admiring the moon at its fullest and brightest while eating the lovely moon cakes together happily.
BMS Organics has always put the well-being of the customers in the first place, to make sure that in the production of organic cakes, only the best quality and the most fresh ingredients is being use. They ensure healthy lifestyle and making the organic moon cakes taste good and yet healthy.

All of the organic moon cakes are produced with natural ingredients, which are specially selected from Taiwan and no preservatives. With 41 outlets and 21 cafes throughout Klang Valley, Ipoh, Melaka and Penang today, BMS Organics is one of the leading pioneers in Malaysian organic food industry.

Opening speech and launching of the new flavour of BMS Organics Moon cakes by Mr. Terry Lee

Baked with love by a veteran professional baker from Taiwan, all moon cakes are made from unbleached flour and all natural ingredients especially source from Taiwan. Free from artificial colouring, preservatives and chemical addictives.

Japanese Tangerine 
Stimulate your taste buds with this brand new offering from BMS Organics, which uses a whole Yilan tangerine in place of the traditional egg yolk, providing an extra zing. The honey-soaked lime blends perfectly with BMS Organics’ very own Japanese-styled red bean paste.  
Matcha Red Bean 

Using Pure Natural Matcha Powder, through low-temperature baking, the skin naturally presents a warm and soft natural colour. The mooncake comes with a natural shade of green that indicates the goodness within. Handpicked red beans from Wandan, Taiwan, are enveloped in a warm fragrant paste made of natural matcha powder, making this an unforgettable treat.

Purple Chinese Yam

 Purple yam has a touch of sweet taste, delicate, and unique fragrance. The lovely purple Chinese yam filling is not only pleasing to the eye but also high in nutrients. Feel the taste of subtle sweetness, silky texture and the unique aroma of the purple yam in your mouth, a taste that will leave you wanting for more.  

Mixed Nuts Delight
A healthier version of traditional mooncake. The nutritional values are multiplied when traditionally nuts are replaced with super foods such as white sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, tangerine, walnuts and almonds, which promote digestive, respiratory health & overall wellbeing.

Red Bean Walnut 
The selection of a carefully-toned, luscious, luscious particles, a of red beans, with a mild palate of walnuts, and the double enjoyment of your taste and vision.The crust is baked with natural red yeast rice, a sight to behold and every bite comes with chunky red bean bits and crunchy walnuts. Simple yet delectable!   

Pure Lotus with Yolk 
An awesome combo of savoury egg yolk and BMS Organics’ own unique paste made from premium lotus seeds, this healthy version of the traditional moon cake contains less fat and sugar, but it certainly does not compromise the silky-smooth texture that we’ve all come to love.
Su -Red Bean with Tangerine Pastry
Latest BMS Organics moon cakes flavor, make you healthy and addictive to this new flavour. New treat that combines Wagashi-standard red bean paste and flavourful Tangerine from Yilan,Taiwan.Sweet and sourish taste really a good cmobination! I love this among all.
Su - "Taro Pastry". 

Fibre rice pastry made with the finest yam sourced from Dajia District Taiwan.
  Every bite is good taste and delicate.
Nice and elegant packaging

Each mooncake are priced at RM35. If you buy more than 4 pieces, you are entitle for additional 10% discount.

'A healthy Mid-Autumn treat for you and your loved ones'

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