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KRAVVE.CO is an online store for healthy homemade condiments(sauces, jams, spreads, seasonings,spreads, spices and etc).We are also a marketplace where we host homemade goodies (jam, spread, snacks, spices, seasonings, pastes,etc) from many homecook. You can discover and purchase hundreds of homemade goodies on just one platform.

Homemade Salted Vanilla Peanut Butter

Made with only 4 ingredients blended into a smooth paste.
This 100% Pure & Creamy Peanut Butter made for an ultimate balance of sweet and saltiness.It carries a hint of real vanilla fragrance from its vanilla beans contain (not
vanilla syrup). You can even taste natural sweetness from the raw unprocessed
honey, which in this case also acts as a natural food preservative, it is so good
you can eat it on its own! The best thing is, it contains no added sugar and preservatives. It is also 100% natural, free from chemical additives, and processed oil.

Shelf life - 6 months in room temperature
Suitable for - diabetics, preggies, gym-rats... anyone!
Instructions - stir before eating (without stabilizer, natural peanut oil
will separate itself after a while)

Dehydrated Unsalted KampungChicken Stock Powder.

Dehydrated Unsalted Kampung Chicken Stock Powder.

Made with only 3 ingredients blended into a smooth paste.
This natural cooking powder is 100% organic. All its ingredients were seleted
carefully to ensure that they are suitable even for kids.Only chicken breast is used for ensuring that it has fewer calories. The meat was cooked on a stove until a soft paste is formed. It was then dehydrated within a dehydrator for 12 hours before being blended into fine powder form

The best thing is, all ingredients are selected from premium resources, contains
no harmful chemical and preservatives. Even the maker used it in her daily
cooking for her kids.

Shelf life - 3 months refrigerated
Suitable for - preggies, children 6-12 months... anyone!
Instructions - it’s already cooked! just add into any soup/porridge as natural and
nutritious flavouring.

Free delivery for your ordering.

Make healthy choices for your loved ones with these homemade goodies

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Hi Elee Yi, thanks for the write up! We hope you enjoyed the 100% natural products.
Check us out more often at if you like healthy homemade products. We have lots more SUPER RARE products like Cold-Grinded Macadamia Butter, Kyoto Saiko Style Natural Sweet Miso, Salted Egg Yolk Corn Flakes, and many more! :D