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This is one of my favourite choice for the best Pajeon and Doenjang Jigae. Dining in a relaxing atmosphere, Dubuyo served authentic taste of Korean cuisine that emphasize on using healthy ingredients in their menu.

Dubuyo has introduced two new menu this season with Syupeo Chicken Ramyeon and
Syupeo Beef Ramyeon. For a limited time only, enjoy Syupeo Chicken Ramyeon for only RM20.90 (RM23.90 for set) and Syupeo Beef Ramyeon for just RM22.90 (RM25.90 for set).
Syupeo Chicken Ramyeon is Koren Ramen served with crispy fried chicken and dumpling. Savour while still piping hot.

Syupeo Beef Ramyeon serving with tender beef and enoki mushrooms. 

Kimchi Gogi Chicken RM 16.10 (Ala carte) , RM18.45 (Set) .
Tender Chicken meat stir fried with kimchi and napa cabbage. I enjoy this meal as it taste not too spicy and have a perfect blend of the kimchi flavour
The ban chan serving is delectable which you can ask to refill many times.

Doenjang Jigae RM20.75 (Ala carte), RM23.10 (Set)

A delicious stew made with Korean Doenjang (soybean paste) and packed with seafood and vegetables
Appetizing and hearty broth.
Seafood Soondubu Jigae RM19.60 (Ala carte), RM21.90 (Set)

This traditional Korean soft tofu stew known as Soondubu Jjigae. Comforting and bubbling bowl of flavorful broth filled with prawns, squid and tofu. Definitely warming up our souls immediately.

**All Soondubu Jigae dishes are freshly cooked using a choice of chicken broth or beef broth. Sets are served with 3 banchan (side dishes) of the day and DubuYo rice.
Yukgaejang RM 19.60 (Ala carte) , RM21.90 (Set)
Spicy beef soup serving with slices of beef and vegetables
Cheese Rabokki RM 18.45 (Ala carte) , RM19.60  (Set)
Cheesy, sweet and spicy, this colourful toppokki ramyeon dish combines fishcake, cabbage, sliced sausage topped with egg and cheese.  A fusion combination that makes it a good flavour.
Pa-Jeon (Korean Pancake) RM 13.35 (Ala carte) ,RM 14.50 (Set)
Traditional pancakes and the most popular appetizers in Korean cuisine.

Smell so good with the great presentation of golden color pancake. Each bite is so crispy and addictive!
Honey Mustard Wings RM19.60 (Ala carte), RM23.10 (Set)
A Seoul favourite filed with delicious grilled meats infused with DubuYo honey garlic sauce. Crunchy sweet chicken that is full of aroma.

Dubuyo meat products are JAKIM certified and there are plenty more choices of food that will surely tickle your taste bud. 

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