Maobao Washing Machine Cleaner by Schelly

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I never knew there is such a product where you can actually clean the washing machine and the washing machine contains many germs and bacteria.

Dirty build-ups in washing machines can cause rashes, especially for babies. Even if you think that your washing machine is clean, it's not. With all the debri from clothes, leftover stains from softeners and washing liquid, the cleanliness of a washing machine is definitely at stake. 

Reasons to wash your washing machine regularly:

Did you know that your washing machine can be as dirty as your toilet? Studies have shown that bacteria and dirt can build-up behind the washing machine’s drum just after a month’s use. The debris from your dirty clothes are accumulated behind the drum overtime, where mold and other bacteria can grow and spread exponentially. Not forgetting microorganisms from your dirty clothes, especially underwear and socks. 

There are a number of reasons why washing machines can have excessive build up:
-          Frequent use of fabric softener
-          Connection to an outside water tank
- Higher than average use of machine (eg big family, tradesman’s work clothes etc)
-          Machine is approx 3 years old or older and never cleaned before.

These dirt are usually removed through dismantling the washing machine and cleaning it manually, which are services offered by a number of external contractors or electricians, and may cost up to RM300 depending on the Year, Make & Model of your washing machine. The other issue lies within the re-assembly of the washing machine, where there are a number of people who’ve had complains about problems right after – could be problems after re-assembly, or even the lack of knowledge or experience from the electrician to do it correctly. 

Which is why Maobao Washing Machine Cleaner by Schelly is a great alternative to this issue. It’s also the No.1 best-selling brand in Taiwan! Each box comes with 3x cleaning powder + 3x AG+ Silver Ion. Removes up to 99.9% of bacteria, stubborn build-ups, odors, prevents mold and most importantly, keep it clean for your family.

It’s also laboratory-tested (SGS Labs) to ensure no harmful chemicals are used in the making of this.

There are several benefits to using this washing machine cleaner.
1. Affordable
2. Quick & easy
3. No need to call in external contractor
4. The only brand with anti-bacterial wash
5. Taiwan's No.1 washing machine brand

Let's check on my washing machine. I never clean it up after been using for more than 2 years

Pour the powder once the water is full

Start filling up the water and soak for 1-2 hours.
Scoop up the dirt after soaking

To discover so many dirt after the complete wash

It's that simple! Remove unwanted build-ups, bacteria and dirt from the back of your washing machine today instantly with this cleaning detergent. Simple, mess-free and easy to use.

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