Diamond Coral WaterBar Introducing 3-Second Instant Warm Water Dispenser

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Have you ever wonder what will happen in the long term when you keep using your home kettle to boil hot water? Or keep adding and keep boiling the hot water in the dispenser? Repetitive reheating and actually accumulation of harmful chemicals in our body without knowing it.

 Many health specialists discovered that the traditional water dispensers will produce certain harmful chemicals such as manganese and nitrite after 24 hours repetitive re-heating . As we are not used to cleaning up the dispenser inside, those harmful chemicals will accumulate. Consumption of this re-boiled water over a long period of time could put your family’s health at risk.Various researches and reports point to the production of harmful elements in re-boiled water generated from the traditional water dispenser which puts our health to risk .

 Since the 1950s, there is no significant development in traditional electric or hot & cold water dispensers. They could not address the issue of health concerns from re-boiled water and easy access to warm water.

And now the good news is Diamond has come out with a great solution to solve your Challenge to make a glass of warm water.
DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar has utilized a new 3-second instant heat technology to develop an innovative 3-second instant warm water dispenser. There are two significant breakthroughs. Firstly, it produces fresh hot water that keeps you away from unhealthy re-boiled water within 3 seconds and supplies 50 warm water to your family with just a press of a button. This Is indeed a revolutionary technology integral to our daily lives.

 Just a 3 seconds instant warm water dispenser and you can enjoy a cup of warm water

Heating up the water with simple process and three section of water temperature.80 - to get hot water (to make a cup of noodle and hot tea, 50 to make formula milk and getting warm water for elderly and kids, and another button is normal water for drinking.

It is actually a tedious moment to make a glass of warm water and you need to go through a procedure of mixing the cold and hot water. This usually been used by The elderly as they have to walk through the dark kitchen in the middle of the night, pick up a heavy water dispenser and mix hot and cold water for some warm water. Dangerous and safety concern for them.

On the other side, as a mother of 3 kids, I know how hard is that to wake up middle of the night when my babies crying for their milk. No matter how sleepy I am, I need to make myself awake to go down to the kitchen area and to make the milk. Usually I will need to mix the hot and room temperature water and test on my hand whether that's the right temperature for my babies. Being a mother we have the natural sense that we can actually know that is the right temperature. Baby crying in the room upstairs and mummy have to rush down to make the milk. Tiring, stressful when hearing the babies cry louder and need to quickly make the formula milk. 

The two scenario sounds familiar to you as well? Well that applies to myself as I have kids and elderly staying with us and I am glad that DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar comes with its innovative 3-second instant heat technology and intelligent warm water function, provides 50 water instantly. The 50 warm water is the right temperature to make the formula milk. I can cuddle my baby with one hand and another hand I can make the formula milk by just placing the bottle to the right place and press the button. My Families can now have easy access to fresh warm water by simply pressing a button. It is healthier and more convenient.

50  warm water with 100% love. Simple to use and so convenient. The first button is always the stand by mode. When you are not using it, it will be locked to save electricity.

I guess this can solve every mum worries to make milks at night and it does helps alot! Daddy at home also can help out to make the formula milk. The milk is easily diluted inside the 50 warm water. Moreover, our toddler also can enjoy the warm water because they cannot mix the warm water by themselves. This will encourage them to drink more warm water at home by simply pressing the button.   In a nutshell, to enjoy a glass of 50℃ warm water is not as easy as one thinks!.  It protects the health of your family.

Press the second button to get hot water to cook the Maggi Hot Cup noddle or making tea,

You can add in flower tea, lemon, cucumber, strawberries, herbs like wolfberry and red dates) Just press the desired water temperature and you are ready to serve your guest with different demand on the tea and beverages. 

The DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar is aesthetically slim which is suitable for all living areas including the kitchen, living room, dining room, and even the bedroom.  You can enjoy healthy fresh warm  water anywhere, anytime. Besides that you can also save up to 50% electricity.It is environmentally-friendly and money saving. Convenient, save electricity,stylish and most important element is safe-guarding the health of our beloved family.

It is really a convenient way to get warm water and I personally love the idea of giving me solution for making the formula milk for my kids. By drinking more warm water also beneficial to my own health and also ensure our family have a healthy consumption of water.

This coming Father's Day, with a new 3-second instant heat technology, you can serve your dad 50  warm water with 100% love too. 

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