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My recent browsing activities is focusing on healthy food and the one that attracts me the most is finding information on how to make overnight oats. We have been talking about it during our lunch hour with my fellow colleagues and also lately hubby getting into some high blood pressure issue. I am getting worried and I read up there are so many benefits of taking this overnight oats and it can comes with different kinds of combination. I tag along hubby to supermarket to purchase the ingredients to make my first overnight oats and try it out. Not too bad but just a matter of going to grocery shop and get it prepared one night before. 

Last week, my friend share Wise Overnight Oats in Facebook page and it does impress me of their choices of flavour and the jar looks tempting. For hassle free on the preparation side, i decided to try on the small jar 170 gram@RM 11.90 each. They provide delivery to your doorsteps and with just simple click, your ordered is confirmed. There are more than 14 tasty flavours to choose from.

Each comes with a clear tag on the ingredients inside and how long you can keep in the fridge (usually is 2-5 days)

From left to right (Cha Chia Boom: Red Bean, Matcha and walnuts, Apple pie  and Aloe Vera-home grown Aloe Vera and logan
Healthy and delicious overnight oats that comes with customized jar. I love how these cute jar is presented with few layers of ingredients inside. We can see clearly from the outside. The overnights oats is soaked with soy milk, top with great amount of yogurt, chia seeds and finally the fresh fruits on top. This is surely my new favourite breakfast and they are great for busy mornings. Perhaps you can have it for lunch as well or snack time.

From left to right : Pom2 Tango: mango Pomelo, Sunshine delights- fresh dragonfruits and Zesty B&B: Banana, blueberries and lemon zest. Zesty B & B is my favourite among all.  

Colorful layers of goodness in a small jar that keeps you full with healthy nutrition provide inside. The combination is pretty good and the sweetness level is acceptable.

If you would like to know more,
Having overnight oats will give you many health benefits of oats and other advantage such as :

  • ·         Easier to digest. Overnight oats make it easier to digest because the protein, carbohydrate  and other  nutrients has been broken down
  • ·         It is more tastier then instant oatmeal and the taste just like lovely dessert
  • ·         Reduce the risk of atherosclerosis
  • ·         Help to lose weight
  • ·         Reduct Cholesterol and many more!

Simple quick to go breakfast option and hassle free. Keep you feeling full and taste amazing

Price per jar depend on the size
170 grams - RM 11.90
320 grams - RM 16.90

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