Toriya Japanese BBQ Restaurant @ Riverwalk Jalan Ipoh Kuala Lumpur

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Toriya Japanese BBQ Restaurant is located at Riverwalk Jalan Ipoh Kuala Lumpur specialize in Yakiniku, Yakitori, Nabe menu. Newly opened for just two months, this Japanese restaurant are unique and serving authentic taste of Japanese food. We had our dinner here last week with the Steamboat Menu (Shabu Shabu) along with other appetizer and desserts serving as well.
The restaurants looks inviting with so many Japanese deco and the staff is friendly to greet us. Chef Moro, the experience chef determine the menu and ensure they provide only premium authentic Japanese food to customers. The price is quite reasonable here and they using fresh ingredients not only from Japan but also from the local suppliers. For example, they get Wagyu (Japanese beef) and fresh seafood from Japan, while fresh vegetables from the local market.

Cozy dining place and relaxing
A great place to have authentic Japanese food with experience Japanese chef and dining in a nice ambiance.
Beautiful table setup

Silky smooth Chawanmushi
Serving of appetizer

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese savoury pancake containing a variety of ingredients.. Toriya Japanese Pizza is Aromatic and crispy in every bite.

No joke! Look at my gigantic size of the cup of my hot green tea
Fresh Salmon Teriyaki. The salmon is delicately coated with sweet teriyaki sauce and it has a perfect texture. My eldest girl almost finished it all by herself. I am glad she has a good appetite. And yes she is the real picky eater and only finish up the food if that is really a good stuff!
Chef recommended us Ginger Shabu Shabu for our main course.

Shabu-shabu is a Japanese nabemono hotpot dish of thinly sliced meat and vegetables boiled in water. The shabu-shabu broth was light but still flavourful, and most importantly, the quality of the meats were fresh and tender.

All raw ingredients display on the table such as pork belly meat, scallops, fresh vegetables, onions, mushrooms, cabbage and etc. Once boil, just put the mushroom and vegetables inside. Cook with medium fire and lastly just put the meat in the simmering broth.
Just few seconds to get the meat cooked. Very thinly sliced tender meat. Dip it with the house sauce.
Healthy and tasty broth
Adding in the homemade UDON. Chewy texture and delicious! My girl enjoy the noodle texture but dislike the soup broth (probably the ginger taste), but mummy enjoy the broth so much. Tummy warming and healthy dinner.
Dessert time! Serving of fresh watermelons

Love the Pudding the most that my eldest girl gives her big Thumbs Up! The best pudding I ever had. Although it looks simple, you can feel the difference once you have your first scope of it. Silky, creamy and rich in flavours. Melt easily inside the mouth with smooth texture and cooling sensation just like having a cold vanilla based ice cream. Yummy!
Delicious and Refreshing black sesame ice cream made with black sesame paste. Sweet dessert to end our meal. My girls loves it of course.

Steamboat dinner offering promotion
Set lunch price range from RM 23 to RM 38. Comes with a Japanese rice, Toriya original salad, chawanmushi, miso soup, green tea, ,fruits and Konbu-Cha

We had a satisfying dinner and enjoying the food here. Highly recommended on the Shabu Shabu, Japanese Pizza and Pudding.

Besides that, If you are craving for premium beef, the Japanese First Class Black Wagyu Beef Shabu Shabu or Sukiyaki will be a good choice.

Do call first before coming as the chef might be away to Japan. 

Toriya Japanese BBQ Restaurant

H-1-16,Plaza Riverwalk,No.1,
Jalan  Selvadurai,
Off  Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

*Park at the Ground Floor and take one floor up. It is actually inside the mall which should be AEON BIG last time but now already closed down.Just go further to the corner lot.

Opening Hours : 12 noon to 3pm
5.30pm to 11.30pm  

Call 012-370 9789

Facebook :