Homemade Granola @ Oaty Bites

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Oaty bites offering their homemade Granola that comes with this convenient pack on the go. Healthy lifestyle means eating healthy and always ensure our body have the nutrition needed to keep us energized. This healthy snacks has No processed sugar, No colouring and No preservatives. Oaty Bites using only quality ingredients and made with 90% Organic Ingredients granola. They using only Organic Oats that is easier for digestion.

The granola can be served as a snack with milk or yogurt & added fresh fruit. You can add in bananas, raspberry, strawbrries and etc to make your breakfast more yummy.

These are the non organic range that are now selling at iVell Pharmacy Cheras. There are 6 flavours of granola:-

1) nutty
2) Zest
3) Tropic
4) Cocoa
5) double cocoa
6) honey Pecan and the best seller is the snack on the go ( cornflakes with mixed nuts and dried fruits.
The tall bottle is conveninet to bring around. It is also easier to pour out from the bottle.The  250 g snack are pack into foil ziplock bag. All orders are freshly made to ensure the freshness. Each bottle can keep for 4 months but advisable to finish it within 1 month once opened.

Granola Honey Pecan

There are also organic range that they are selling at the Red Cherry, Jaya one. 
Call 017-322 4106 to try your first pack of healthy bites.

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