Robi, An Interactive Trilingual Robotic Companion Is Coming To Malaysia

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Professor Tomotaka Takahashi, the creator of Robi

Tomotaka Takahashi is the Chief Executive Officer of ROBO GARAGE.Co.,Ltd, established since April, 2003 to develop robot technologies in Osaka, Japan. He creates, designs and invents unique and original humanoids (Ropid, FT, Chroino, Neon).

Inspired by his childhood obsession with Astroboy and other fictional characters, Takahashi decided to study robotics after completing a sociology degree. Takahashi prefers to work on smaller robots, as they are easier to handle and people have more realistic expectation of them. Unlike machines, which are cold and uninviting, humans can relate to robots because they have bodies like humans or animals, which opens up new possibilities for communication, which Takahashi believes is their greatest strength.

His goal is to create robots with exaggerated movements, and to do that he prefers small, tough servos with metal gears, using the best hardware he can afford. The form, or outer shell, can be made in two ways: traditionally-sculpted molds which are vacuum sealed, or through the use of CAD software and a rapid prototyping machine (3D printer technology).

He is also Associate Professor at Tokyo University, Research Center for Advance Science and Technology. Visiting Professor at Osaka Electro-Communication University, Faculty of Information Science and Arts, Department of Computer Science. Advisor for Human Academy Robot School