Pokka Product Review - My Favourite Green Tea

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Happy New Year to All! Welcoming year of Rooster 2017 with this wonderful Pokka drinks that have wide variety of choices that brings more cheers for my recent  CNY celebration.

Pokka has a strong niche in the ready-to-drink beverage market with a brand name that is synonymous with healthy tea and fruit drinks. Pokka is believed to be the first beverage manufacturer in Singapore to invest and operate the aseptic PET bottle filling system, which enhances the quality of the beverages.

I have my first try on these Pokka drinks and It does gives me a refreshing moment with their good taste and convenient packaging.

Pokka Product Range inclusive of : -
  1. Asian Tea
  2. Western Tea
  3. Coffee
  4. Milk Range
  5. Fruit Juice

Cookies and Cream Milk

Premium Cappuccino. Smooth taste with a tinge of charcoal-roasted beans with each mouthful

Melon drink with natural milk and real juice taste

  1. Jasmin Green Tea
  2. Honey Lemon

Pokka Jasmine Green Tea is the star (Hero) and the most popular among all. It is 100% real-brewed from selected premium Japanese green tea leaves to preserve their true flavour and fragrance. It contains no sugar nor calories for your daily enjoyment and best among all No preservatives nor colouring added into the product.

Green Teas are often referred to as "non-fermented" or "unfermented" teas. Green tea is produced from the same plant as the common black tea that is usually consumed in western countries. However, it is not processed, as is the case with black tea, nor is it allowed to ferment after harvesting and before drying, and so it retains most of its active ingredients. The freshly picked leaves are allowed to dry, then are heat-treated to stop any fermentation (or oxidation) that would rot the leaf.

It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body. This includes improved brain function, fat loss, a lower risk of cancer and many other incredible benefitsTwo main countries are traditionally known as producers of quality green tea: China and Japan. 

I love the aroma and the sweetness level is just nice.
Healthy Honey Lemon during this humid weather. Easy to consume with this kind of bottle packaging. My kids love the honey lemon taste.

It is a healthy, low-calorie drink and can improved digestion. The drink increases stomach acid production and bile secretion. They facilitate the breakdown of food materials and absorption of nutrients. Other benefits includes Clears Acne And Other Infections, Aids In Weight Loss, Boosts The Immune System and many more!

The "Pokka" trademark is synonymous to "Quality"  and All products are manufactured under the license and strictest quality control standard of Pokka Japan. That makes me trust this brand and would be my family favourite when choosing our beverages.

*All Pokka product range are halal certified.

Website : http://www.pokka.com.my/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/POKKAMY/