Volare & Freuzts Ice Cream

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Volare ice cream started since 2014 participating in catering for weddings, birthdays and social events. They decided to pack them for wider distribution and coverage and came up with 2 brands namely FREUZTS and VOLARE.

FREUZTS is a single flavoured fruit based premium ice cream whereby VOLARE is a multi flavoured artisanal ice cream. What makes them unique and different is that the ice cream is so thick and dense that no use of any filling machine and had to fill them manually.

FREUZTS - Watermelon, Banana & Orange
VOLARE   - Oreo Cheesecake, Double Chocolate & Serawa Durian

Volare – Oreo Cheesecake Ice Cream
My girl loves this flavour the most. Creamy and crunchy bites on the oreo crumb crust.

Volare – Sewada Durian Ice Cream
This was my best preference among all flavours. The durian flavour is so delicious and I love the smells. yummy

Freuzts ice cream with watermelon and orange flavour. These are our family favourites
.This refreshing and chilled desserts is definitely great to have during this hot weather. My kids love the ice cream and simply addictive to the oreo flavour and especially. 

They are in the process of obtaining HALAL certification for wider market coverage. For now they are  distributing to a few cafe's and restaurants around Subang Jaya, Shah Alam and many more to come.Check out their FB page for more updates.

Call 010-209 8811

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