The Bowls @ Plaza Usahawan Genting Klang, Setapak

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I would like to share with you the new Japanese Fusion meal -The Bowls located at my neighbourhood area which is just newly opened located at Plaza Usahawan Danau Kota, beside Madam Yau Cantin. The Bowls is a self service concept place whereby you can placed your order and pick it up at the counter when ready. The Bowls served Japanese fusion choices of Donburi ,Ramen and Udon in a bowl! This convenient dining style using safe container ( the bowls) for the food serving that is labeled “microwave-safe” and suitable for microwave use. You can re-heat if back to warm up your food. Ideal place to have a quick nutritious meal at affordable price.

The Bowls are attached together with Tanoshii Cafe. After having your meal, you can jump over to order a sinful desserts or drinks. 

The Bowls emphasize on healthy ingredients in every serving to provide a balance meal for their customers. "Mouthful of Happiness" is the theme and tagline which you can see as soon as when you walk into this cafe. The Bowls use only Free range pork which is more tasty and the food served have no MSG and no preservatives. They are concerned of serving food that is safe to consume for both adults and kids especially. I myself will be cautious when bringing my children to eat outside on what are the ingredients used and how the restaurant prepared the food.
The Bowls is just opened last week and they are now having opening promotion. You get a FREE signature Japanese Chashu Sushi with any purchase of their bowl of happiness of your choice.

Simple and clean dining environment which adopts a quick-service concept while placing a priority on quality by only using fresh produce meat to provide a well-rounded meal to patrons. A selection of 4 types of udon can be found on their menu, ramen (spicy and non spicy) and also Donburi choices with chicken meat, Chashu and salmon.

How to enjoy your bowl of Happiness?
Just follow the above steps and start picking up your favourite meal. Good to practise a Recycling concept to educate youngsters especially.

The mouth watering menu are fairly price. It is really affordable with a good portion of food in one single bowl to fill up your hungry tummy!

One of my favourite donburi dishes is Teriyaki Chicken DonA well-balanced Japanese meal that is full of taste and flavour.The chicken meat has the smoky flavor, tender and well marinated.

The Japanese rice is cooked well and is pretty loaded with ingredients like sweet corns, fresh broccoli and carrots. I must confess that the aroma from the sauce laid on the vegetables tastes so good! It does taste like my favourite Ginger. The sauce was actually Wafu sauce with their own recipe combination to make this perfect sauce. So delicious!

A rice bowl  bountifully heaped with Succulent meat and thick Teriyaki Sauce
Salmon-lovers will have to choose for  Signature Salmon Don. This healthier dinner recipe has mild flavor and meaty texture. The salmon is properly cooked and charitable amount given.

Signature Homemade Japanese Chashu Don. This is highly recommended! I love the Chashu. I never tasted this type of Chashu before in other places. The Chashu is Flavourful and has the awesome texture.  

Each slice of chashu is not too thick, just nice slowly melt inside your mouth. Moist and juicy in every bite! The gravy is aromatic and plentiful. The sauce itself takes few hours to makes it taste so good.Better be early or else the chashu is sold out.

Signature Tonkotsu Ramen. The pork broth is boiled for more than 10 hours thus the end result of thick and creamy broth. The ramen has a nice springy and delicate texture. 

They replace chicken meat for us for both udon and ramen serving as no more Chashu left..
A bowl of tasty Ramen
Signature Homemade Japanese Tonkotsu Udon - Rich and deeply flavoured broth served with spring onions, and soft boiled eggs. Looking at how my girls enjoying her silky smooth Udon which means it does taste good. Pleasantly Chewy and soft. Yumm..
My kids love the ramen and udon. Glad that they provide kids cutlery and more towards family friendly dining place.

Delicious way to serve pork &chicken meat and healthy vegetables with a Japanese twist that leaves you wanting for more. Each bowl has the right nutrition to encourage healthy living lifestyle through food.Personally I love the udon and Chashu Don. I will come back to try the Chashu Sushi soon since today the ChaShu is selling fast. 

We hop on to Tanoshii (just beside) where we were seating. The kids are pretty excited for the ice creams!

We try the dark chocolate, lavender and vanilla flavour. Perfect desserts to end our meal.

Grab and go concept that is convenient and offer comfort food that is so delectable. The Bowls also have catering services and provide food delivery for events plus collaborating with Food Panda as well.

Soon there will be more menu coming up. So stay tune to their Facebook page.

"Good food and Good Value"

The Bowls

46G, Plaza Usahawan Genting Klang, 
Jalan Danau Niaga 1, 
Taman Danau Kota, Setapak
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel : 016-518 8308

Opening Hours : 11am to 10pm

Facebook :