Little Kingdom, Malaysia's 1st Personalized Learning Edutainment Park @ Parkson Maju Junction Shopping Mall

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Looking for new play area to have bonding time with your kids? Come to experience the Little Kingdom, Malaysia's 1st Personalized Learning Edutainment Park at 'Parkson Maju Junction Shopping Mall' Level 3 that provides you a place with lots of fun and kids can learn at the same time. Be your kid's best partner and explore these interesting activities together.

My kids are excited as we are going to visit Little Kingdom again. This was our 4th visit and they never get bored. We came as early as 10.10am and quickly get out tag at the ticketing counter and begin our fairytale world. Let's explore inside together!

All in the happy mood and they keep telling me they want to try the slides first

Launched by Parkson Edutainment World, the first-of-its-kind 40,000 sq. ft. indoor edutainment park features 35 Happy Toon World (U.S.) fairytale and cartoon characters (eg. Little Snow White, Little Cinderella, Little Pinnochio, Little Puss n Boots etc) in a magical-themed playland filled with a variety of unique activities, rides and games.

Little Kingdom is built using only the highest quality equipment and state-of-the-art technology, every activity, ride and game is geared towards fostering parent-child bonding with combined elements of personalized learning, fun and play

Once you enter the Little Kingdom, the friendly staff will guide you about this place and you can get to choose your Power card. 

There are few challenges you can participate here and gain the point and stamp on it. Once you completed it, you might get a lucky draw prize. Next, they will show you the classes that will be going on during the day. They have art class, music class, cooking class, and etc. All classes are classified in different ages that suites them. I registered them all under 3-6 years old with art and craft class and Lego Alphabet class for today. You can check their updated timetable here . Based on daily basis, the activities are different and you can explore them together with your kids.
The classes schedule also will be at the TV Screen once you enter Little Kingdom.  There are 6 themed classrooms here. Little Cinderella Ballroom, Little T-Rex Kitchen, Little Alice Wonderland, Little Genie House and Little Alien Spaceship.

Walking around to see what's new inside while waiting for the class to start at 10.30am. Greeted with welcome by the staff and they are very helpful.

Little Kingdom is a great place for kids aged 3 to 15 years old . They have “junior” versions of the world’s top iconic characters, including Little Snow White, Little Puss N Boots and Little Santa.
My girls are concentrating on the artwork. Teacher said they need to cut a star first and stick all the matches. This activties is good for their imagination and find a creativity talent in them. They stick the colour paper together and put some glittering on it as finishing. Now, it is DONE!

Look Mummy! Is it beautiful?

Amazon Rides - Cool safari jeep whereby the kids can shoot with the laser gun and gain points. Parents can sit inside together with them to explore

Fantasy  Drive - This was fun! The kids get to enjoy the ride with their parents together. A short briefing on how to drive and knowing the button to move around - forward and backward.  First of all, we need to go to the bank to get money (RM 100). Next we go to fill up the petrol. Then we go to the candy store and purchase with the money given in our hand. Tour around and go to the car wash. Then we put in petrol again. And finally we bank in the remaining balance. Then After completing the task, the kids will get the driving license! 

The park's maintenance adheres to stringent requirements: such as specially imported equipment that monitors the air quality daily and the use of only cassia seeds from U.S. for the sand play area due to its benefits for the child's body and sensory skills.

My kids can spend most of their time here.They love the slides and enjoying the obstacles inside while making new friends here too.

Papa and Girl Girl time. Let's splash the balls!

The Magical Castle caters for birthday parties and events. Huge hall that can accommodate up to 150 pax to hold your special occasion. The children can play while mummy and daddy can enjoy their food comfortably.  Elegant and cosy place for a great birthday venue.

At 1pm, They also have Musical performances on the stage. Kids and parents can dance and sing along on the stage to have fun together.

On the next session, we went to Level 1 to explore more on other playarea.The spaceship deco is so impressive with the stunning light and designs.

Little Cinderella Ballroom 
Little Princess room for them to do simple gym exercise and turn into aerobic class and dancing class too. Kids are curious and they love to explore them selves. My kids trying out each of the equipment. Looks interesting to me seeing the kids size gym

Little Beast Field
Toddler Playground  -  Soft play area for the kids
Mysterious Mars is another play area for the younger kids to enjoy themselves. Filled up with few obstacles, Ball Blasting Area and exciting play time for the kids

We going for the second class at the Little Alien Spaceship. The kids are going to make their own name using lego. How interesting!

My girl creation of her own name with daddy's help. Very nice!
How about dropping by to Little Elf Factory to get a souvenir or learning toys for your kids?
You can get the family pass that is only RM 200 for the whole family to have fun here. (2 adults and 2 kids)
Little Kingdom, an edutainment park where parents & children explore, learn, and grow together. They have Pygmalion activities,Pygmalion teaching method that originated from Japan.Pygmalion is a world-renowned methodology for child development and specializing in whole brain development between kids age 3 - 6 years old. 

Do check out Talking Tom House that aims to teach table manners, inspire the kids to learn while dining and also strengthen family bonding time together.  

Kids Play and Learn under one roof at Little Kingdom! Parents get to join along with the children for all the rides, playground area and classes. Wonderful magical moments together!

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Little Kingdom

'Parkson Maju Junction Shopping Mall'
Level 3, 1001, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 
50250, Kuala Lumpur 
(Just park at Level 3)

Opening Hours: 10am to 6pm (Monday to Sunday)-Except Saturday
Saturday : 10am to 7pm

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