Elena of Avalor @ Disney Channel (ASTRO Ch 615)

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Elena of Avalor which recently premiered on Disney Channel (ASTRO Ch 615), introduces Disney’s latest Princess named Elena, a strong-willed and courageous teenager. 
She fought an evil sorceress who attacked her family and was trapped inside an enchanted jewel for decades before she was freed. Now, after saving her kingdom at the tender age of 16, she is the Crown Princess of Avalor and rules with guidance from the Grand Council.

Despite going through many challenges in learning how to be a good ruler, Elena is decisive and fearless in standing up for herself and what she believes in. In addition to guidance from the Grand Council on ruling, Elena also has some special help in the form of Zuzo, her spirit guide; three flying jaquins (magical creatures that are part jaguar and part macaw; and a Sceptre of Light which has many powers that help Elena overcome magical and non-magical challenges.

With every episode, Elena exhibits many admirable qualities such as thoughtfulness, resilience, compassion and leadership which young girls can aspire to. Which of her qualities do you see in your daughter?

My daughter have the Princess attitude but she is not brave enough . On the good side, she does have a thoughtfulness that is caring to others and taking care of her siblings needs. She will carefully advise her sister what need to be do and help mummy to feed her food sometime. They have a very good relationship and play together and share the laughter along. When  I bring them to Kidzania, my eldest daughter has the ability to guide her siblings well and I can see how she taking care of them guide them which way to go and what need to be do.

She love to make thing to perfection and have the patience to bake especially. Love to help grandma in the kitchen making the dough and help in baking with her sister together. She will teach her sister as well how to make a perfect shape of the dough. Determination to do something to her self satisfaction
When I am in need for a light massage, my girl are willing to help me to give me a warm massage and telling me is it comfortable?. She is cheerful enough to make people around happy and joyful always.

She is kind enough to let her siblings play her toys together to have fun together and also generous to share her food with her classmates. I guess she is kind heart and also willing to learn from each other. Elena of Avalor is definitely a great cartoon to watch together and to learn more values inside.