Dubuyo (Urban Korean Food) @ Quill City Mall Kuala Lumpur

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Korean Pop culture that including Korean Movie, Korean Drama and most famous Korean Superstar is the latest hit and trend nowadays. Thus, bringing in more Korean restaurant choices that we want to try their specialties and the signature Korean food here. When you visit Quill City Mall, you will find Dubuyo Restaurant at LG Floor (same floor with the AEON Supermarket) that offers wide choices of Urban Korean Food. Dubuyo concerns on serving healthiest traditional cuisine and using only healthy ingredients in preparing their menu.For all Korean fans, you must try their signature hearty Soondubu Jigaes which is quite popular among the crowd.

We are here to try the new introduced Chi-Jeu Dak and some of the Koreans mouth-watering menu in Dubuyo. Let's start with a cup of chilled drinks first.
Citron Fizz RM 8.90. Refreshing drinks with citron and yakult. Appetizing and good for digestive system
Flavourful Doenjang Jigae .The traditional Korean dish which is my favourites. Comfort Korean Stew dish with ingredients such as vegetables,tofu, prawn and etc.
A set of complete balance Korean Meal.
 All Soondubu Jigae dishes are freshly cooked using a choice of chicken broth or beef broth. Sets are served with 3 banchan (side dishes) of the day (unlimited refill) and DubuYo rice. Dubuyo using the Japanese rice and added on with the black glutinous rice in their serving.
Soondubu Jigae is filled up with Tofu, chicken and egg yolk.The dish is delivered while still bubbling vigorously and makes you feel extremely  contented.
Yukgaetang Set - Spicy soup dish made from shredded beef

Spicy Seafood Ramen.  Enough spicy, aromatic and rich in flavour. Loaded with fresh seafoods and the noodles texture are chewy.

A warm bowl of Samgyetang (Ginseng Chicken Soup)

Deliciously fragrant soup infused in ginseng herbal and nutritious for our body.

Dak Galbi -Spicy stir-fried chicken dish made with boneless chicken pieces, rice cakes (tteokbokki tteok),and vegetables.Delicious and authentic, not too spicy.

This is worth mentioning - The Golden Beoseot RM 7.90. Soft, Crispy and juice at every bite.

Tuna Bibimbap. I love this simple and comfort dish. You need to mix it all together first. Savour while still hot. Yummy!
Maandu RM 7.50.
Maandu is dumpling in korean cuisines . They are grilled to perfection and filled up with minced meat and vegetables

There are two flavour of Chi-Jeu Dak. It comes in spicy flavour and honey mustard flavour. I prefer this spicy flavour. Each mouthful of the tender and succulent chicken leaves you with a sense of satisfaction.Robust-flavoured with the perfect texture and cheesy. The chicken is well marinated with the Korean chili paste that makes me so addictive.
Honey Mustard chicken is ideal for kids as well. With the generous amount of corn and delicious chicken meat is equally as good and well-loved. The ala carte price for each flavour is RM 16.40 and if you want to go for set meal priced at RM 19.90 per set. This promotions is until 31 Dec 2016.
The perfect companion for a cold rainy day with delightful Korean delicacies
Nokcha Korean Bingsu - New Green Tea Bingsu. Finely Shaved ice dessert that is smooth and mixed well with the almond slice, red beans, and green tea ice cream. They are using high-quality green tea powder that makes you feel worth for every ringgit.

Comfortable and spacious dining environment
Current promotions offering daily deals set from RM 10 nett onwards. When you order 4 sets, you will be entitle for a free item which is come in different choice daily. Value for money!

My favourite place for a delicious and healthy Korean cuisine....

Dubuyo (Urban Korean Food) @ Quill City Mall Kuala Lumpur
LG Floor
Tel :03-2856 0208

Website : http://www.dubuyo.com/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/DubuYo.urbankoreanfood/

Pelikan Malaysia @ The Gardens Mall Kuala Lumpur

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When the chemist Carl Hornemann first began to produce and sell his own paints in 1838, he could not have foreseen that his company would develop at an international level. Today, Pelikan is counted among to the most long-standing registered trademarks in the world.

Today, Pelikan is one of the market leaders and pioneers in writing instruments and stationery industry worldwide. Pelikan is globally renowned for the diversity of its stationery supplies and offers high quality products from high-valued writing instruments, hobby paints, office stationery, school supplies and printer consumables for use by children, students, parents, teachers, office workers and pen collectors. Pelikan strives to maintain the brand’s good reputation that stands for high quality, innovation, reliability, diversity and creativity in its product offerings. Pelikan is proud of its German tradition, heritage, technology and craftsmanship and aims to continuously improve on its quality standards across all its product categories. Pelikan aims to create products that inspire creativity and imagination, encouraging people to express themselves in diverse ways, be it through painting, writing or drawing.
In Sept 2015, Pelikan Malaysia opened its first flagship retail store at the Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City which covered 900 sq.ft. area that has contemporary design to showcase all the stationaries and fine writing instruments under the Pelikan Brand, as well as the products of its sister brands such as herlitz, Geha and Susy card.

Pelikan Store Year End Sale is going on now in conjuction with the school holiday which already started. From 25 November 2016 to 2 January 2017, get up to 30% discount storewide.There's a special members sale from 27-30 Nov where Pelikan members will get an additional 10% discount! 
The theme for Pelikan 'Back to School' (BTS) 2016/2017 campaign is "Best Friends".Brush Marker 12 colours which is the Star Product of "Best Friends". Pelikan brush marker provides silky smooth brush strokes in 12 rich and vivid colours that flow flawlessly to give you the precision and the flexibility you need in your colouring.

Rows of stationary

School bags, colourpencil, pens, and many products display here.

 Space+ paintbox 12 and 24 colours, with matching water containers, Coloured pencils – 12, 24, 36 colours and Jumbo 12 colours.

It's a great weekend as we are going for Art Class organized by Pelikan Store. I bring along my kids to enrol them to learn new art and also to mix around with new friends here. They will be doing Pointillism.- Tiny dots of beauty. Pointillism is a technique of painting in which small, distinct dots of color are applied in patterns to form an image. They are very curious looking at the paint brush and the colourful colours.

First steps is to draw an image.

The Art Teacher explain further what need to be done after drawing the image. Choose the colour and by using the stick, just put on the colour dot on the image slowly.

Looking good

My girl final piece of art. She love it so much and keep telling me she want to learn more. A good exposure art lesson for her today.

On every weekend (Saturday), Pelikan Store will organized this creative art class for children under the age of 12. Every week, the children get to express them selves in art on different and interesting themes, along with the experience Art Teacher in the warm and comfortable environment.
The School Holiday Programme designed for Pelikan Store's art class next month.

Further, they are having a special package promotion for those who sign up for all 5 art classes. It will be RM70 for Pelikan members and RM95 for non-members only, and you will also receive a complimentary Best Friends Set upon your first class on 3rd December 2016! Its a great package and a great way to spend your school holidays learning new art techniques and meeting new friends! 

For individual class,The rate will be RM15  for member and RM 20 for non member. The art class is for 1 hour session, schedule at 3pm, 4pm, and 5pm with limited space allocated only. You can call in to reserved a seats first if you want to drop by. Or just walk in with your kids.

Pelikan Back To School contest will be going on as well. Join "Best Friends Colouring Contest' to win cash prizes and cool gadgets such as IPhone, IPad, GoPro Hero 4 & Nintendo 3DS worth more than RM30,000!

Pelikan Store is now online! Visit www.pelikanstore.com to view the products and attractive promotions, and updates on Pelikan Malaysia happenings in the near future through this website, so you can enjoy purchasing Pelikan products at your convenience a click away!
As a launch starter, Pelikan is offering Free Shipping anywhere in Peninsular Malaysia on minimum purchase of RM 100 and RM 200 for East Malaysia. This promo runs until 2 Jan 2017.

Good News to share with my readers ! You can use this discount code BTS2016 to receive a RM20 discount off your purchases when you enter the code during checkout.

 *Membership is free if you spend more than RM100, or else you can just sign up by paying RM10 to become a member to enjoy this discount rate

Furthermore, From today until 2 Jan 2017, just walk into Pelikan Store @ Level 3 and give them a Like in the FB page and insta to receive a free 1 yr membership and also a free gift!!

Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/mypelikan/

Website :http://www.pelikan.com/picb/Pulsar/en_MY_PICB.CMS.displayCMS.1974./about-pelikan

Pelikan Malaysia @ The Gardens Mall Kuala Lumpur
Level 3 (besides Hokkaido Ichiba Japanese Restaurant)

Tel : 03-22020801