Memories Of Art

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I used to watch my eldest sister making her art – she is very creative and talented in making stuff she like and she has the patience to make it perfectly. She bought a lot of things to make even those tiny stuff that when I see it I can feel myself I am not able to finish it / do it. I never want to try it out. I have no interest and seeing that as a very stressful thing to complete.

Since small, my sister will make those small colour bead to form a bracelet and rings. She ask me to sell to my school mate and some we give them as a gift. It was amazing how my sister can do it and take up new challenge to make something amazing. She has done the flower bucket using straw, origami, stars, knitting, making Barbie doll clothes, making batu Seremban (as she is very good at sewing),  webbing,  painting. Colouring,  puzzle and the list goes on. Must be inherited from our grandmothers especially our 'Tai Po'..hmm..and now missing her pineapple jam. And also I love to sit beside her to see her knitting, how she turn her hand so quickly.

I still keep my Grandmother Quilt. It is made of love. Cooling and sleep well with it. I enjoy sitting there watching her making the small hexagon shapes and sew it one by one. I remember I used t o help her taking out the paper on the bottom part of the hexagon shape. It was the activity we do whenever we are free and it also a bonding time together . We have no gadget and what we usually do with grandma while mummy is working is playing together. Play card, play Saidina, Aeroplane board game, and the most interesting part is when my cousin bought few packet of things for us to do together. The stuff could be making clips, plastic bag and many more. Some suppliers they need manpower to help them finish up those small tiny thing and we have fun doing it together. Grandma is kind enough to help us make batu Seremban as well sometime. We enjoy collecting the red seeds from a tree nearby the market where we used to walk there every morning. These seeds makes a wonderful pieces of batu Seremban which is my favourite game until now.

 It was fun when siblings sit together making the puzzle especially. We have 4 siblings. Sis said we should divide into different section. One person find the same colour and match. We are about to make the garden with waterfall scenery puzzle which is so hard (for me). The colours of the puzzle is almost the same and we need to complete 1000 pieces!!! Sis said she want to hang in our bedroom. I still recall sis buy cardboard and stick it row by row and in maybe one month plus ( i can't remember), we finally did it and the beautiful masterpiece is really a good memories for us.

Pendidikan Seni and Kemahiran Hidup is definitely not my favourite subject! I will be very scare and worried even stress out when teacher assign us for Art Homework! I will beg my sister..please please help me to finish the art please...and i will promise her to do the housecores, washing the plates and cleaning up our shared bedroom. She help me to colour, make the anyaman, sewing a beautiful bag, making wayang kulit, and lots more. She will teach me some idea to draw one or two day before the exam. My mum also helping me out to finish the colouring sometime. Because i will be the one complaining it's hard to complete it and keep nagging.

The determination and encouragement from sis really makes me feel she is really amazing and how she has the talent and the patience to make it. My small sis also have a very good creative side. She love drawings and colouring and gain lots of prizes during few coloring contest along with my brother. The one we went with mum at Puchong all the way to join the contest was the most memorable moment. Top winners and both won hampers!!! Wow.. Proud of them. Sometime they just go to colouring contest with just a pack of simple colour pencil given by organizer and they at least won conso / top 3. Compare to those kids who bring tables, newspapers, full set of superb colour pencils set that looks really cool. 

I try making those small stars myself, but the edge can't be sharp all the time. I can't find a way to make it perfect and easily give up. The biggest challenge i have done when I get to know my hubby is making a scarf for him. I learn from the Aunty at Sungai Wang outlet and we can sit there learning the steps to make the scarf. This is my first knitting and I felt proud of myself! It is really a hard work! But really can test your patience and your willingness to complete it.

And another art that I enjoy doing is cutting out the alphabet from magazine and newspaper and stick like this.
Those flowers was made by hubby of course

When I stay with my hubby, i get to know he is really talented as well and he love making tiny stuff just like sis! I look at him how he did the DIY musical horse with really tiny components, how he did the Gundam putting all the small parts together, and his creativeness in making other stuff in the house. He obviously good in drawing as he is a draughtsman and I enjoy to see how he draw the Doraemon. The recent surprise he gave me was the paper flower he make day and night which is so lovely! I never expect he will make such beautiful flowers. I watch in youtube how to make it. It's not easy eh?

And now with my eldest daughter, she opens up my mind and her creativeness really makes me feel awesome. I watch her closely how she do things and what is her demand. I can foresee she is a perfectionist. The last experience seeing her making the playdoh cake. She roll more than 10 times to make a perfect piece of dough and keep saying that is not perfect enough. I commented that it is ok, you can always try again and that looks fine. She will said nope. Not nice! have to make again!. I am the one without patience and I sit there looking at her how she can make it all over again!

Another moment is seeing her doing her colouring .She has improved so much. That's why i decided to enroll her into her school art class for her to have fun and let the art Teacher teach her more skill to make a beautiful colouring.
Her first class learning to make this lovely ice cream and rainbow butterfly mask
She love the make beads as well. Latetly, the new technology we found Aqua Beads. 

It was pretty interesting and my girls are very curious about it. It use water to make the beads stick together. These lovely Dory and Friends beads makes them so happy and we enjoy doing it together. My second girl has not much patience ( look like me), so she just asking her sister to help her complete the Nemo. She do try to put few beads and later she will complain she is tired and can’t finish it.

This is another form of art. I bought her the colourful clay from a book store recently. She said she want to make a basket of fruits and vegetables for me. My eldest girl did this all and I am truly impressed by her creativity and imagination.

Last week, we bought the Hello Kitty Glittering for them to stick. It was hard at a glance to match the symbol and alphabet with different colours. Once we get to know how to make it, I feel it not difficult at all. I enjoy doing it together with my girls. Slowly sticking it together and we will soon see the result together .Plan to put this nice piece of Hello Kitty into a frame later one.

I do learnt alot from my girl, She has the determination, interest and of course her talent in making the beautiful art. I love to see her satisfaction expression whenever she complete something she like and she keep it very tidy in her room. 
The recent sweet and lovely card by my eldest girl to her daddy. Let's have Pikachu cake to celebrate his birthday