Kenny Rogers ROASTERS Absolutely Sambalicious Meal (Limited Offer)

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It does make me excited when I saw the Sambalicious meal from Kenny Rogers website. They are now offering a new menu promotion on the Chicken meal with sambal. Hmm..sambal..yummy..I love sambal!!
You can choose from the Sambalicious meal options either the Sambalicious Soup Meal or Sambalicious Favourite Meal.
Mocha drinks
Ice Lemon Tea
Kenny's Home Made Muffin that is Fresh oven baked till perfection- You can choose from banana, chocolate, and golden vanilla. This surely my all time favourite sweet indulgence. Chocolate Please!
 Sambalicious Favourite Meal RM 19.90. Compliment to the spicy sambal that is  deliciously tangy condiment to flavour up any meal. I love the taste! Along with fresh potato salad and spicy fried rice and muffin. Definitely the best combination for my dinner. If you wish to upsize the quarter chicken to half meal, just add RM 5. The portion of the above picture is already upsize.

Sambalicious Soup Meal RM 22.50 
The great thing about the side dishes is you can choose your favourite side dish. Guest can opt for an a la carte of the side dishes (Spicy Golden Rice and Potato Salad) at an introductory price of RM 5.90 each. (Normal Price: RM 8.50).
The signature potato salad is the most satisfying to pair with this meals together as well as the spicy golden rice. Healthy and fresh ingredients to make the potato salad and fragrant rice that is so addictive.

Comfortable place to dine in with attentive staff at Berjaya Time Square outlet located at 3rd Floor (just near to GSC Cinema)

Check out their FB page for more information and updates on this limited offer.  

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