Shakeaway is coming to Malaysia!

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Get ready… Shakeaway is coming to Malaysia!

The people of Malaysia are preparing for a taste sensation as Shakeaway gets set to open its first store at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara on the Malaysia Day, 16th September 2016!
For those who haven’t heard of Shakeaway, we are the world’s largest milkshake bar company and the original re-inventor of the milkshake since 1999, born in the UK. We have invented a phenomena that is growing throughout the world with our amazing menu of over 180 different fantastic ingredients such as M&Ms, Kit Kat, Tim Tam, fresh banana, fresh strawberries, fresh pineapple, fresh mango, oreo cookies, skittles, chocolate muffin, nutella, tiramisu cheesecake and luxury chocolate lindt, to create millions of wonderful combinations right before your eyes all hand made to order using fresh and real ingredients chosen by the customer. No one makes a milkshake taste the way we do, you really could live forever and never have the same milkshake twice – true!
Alongside our world famous milkshakes, Shakeaway has also re-invented frozen fat free yoghurts, smoothies, low fat fries and all natural shaved ice.
Milkshakes, re-invented.

The milkshake flavours are split into various different categories ranging from real fruit to chocolatey, cakey to biscuity, sweety to fizzy, and everything else in-between.
“With so many flavour choices, our customers can always find something to enjoy, whether it is something refreshing and healthy or something sweet and indulgent. For those who just can’t choose we have our famous super popular named shakes to make their decision a little easier. For those you are living the healthy lifestyle, Shakeaway also offers a fit and healthy range of milkshake made from fat free yoghurt” and lower calorie ingredients.
“Our most popular is the “Dave” - made with Ferrero Rocher, Kinder Bueno, and a Cadbury’s Flake, it tastes so amazing. There’s also our Malaysian national exclusive named shake “Haris” – made of pulut inti, teh tarik and kacang tanah gula. You just got to try it to believe the amazing taste!” - Ms Sui Lin Tan, Shakeaway Master Franchisee for Malaysia.
Each milkshake is a bespoke creation handmade by trained staff from the customer’s choice of more than 180 ingredients from globally recognised brands such as Mars, Nestle, and coke to name just a few! We take their famous products and make our milkshakes taste exactly like the ingredient chosen by the customer.

“All of the milkshakes have undergone a vigorous taste testing process, for each ingredient flavour we have to make sure the recipe and process are perfected before we can train staff and put it on our world famous menu. This is why we say you can eat and drink our shakes as our hand blending process ensures we leave small pieces of the ingredient in the shake for our customers to enjoy, we even have a spoon on the end of the straw so they can scoop up every last piece ” – Ms Stephanie Howard, UK & International Product Development, Shakeaway Worldwide Ltd
“Shakeaway is a fun family brand like no other that has gained a customer cult status, Our stores are super fun with our own shakeaway radio and shakeaway TV that are customer interactive. Our customers actually create their own unique milkshakes. Shakeaway does not have a menu, we have an ingredient list and our amazing customers choose different ingredient combinations which we make to order by hand right there and then using real and fresh ingredients every time.

Every single ingredient has its own secret recipe developed by shakeaway for the maximum taste sensation. Almost every day someone hacks in to our website to see if they can find our recipes. Of course, we don’t keep them on our website, The recipes are kept on a super secure server that changes frequently. It takes at least a month to train our lovely shakettes on how to blend every ingredient to perfection for our lovely customers as you eat and drink our shakes.
Our customers love us, we know this as they tell us this in every country that we have opened a store. By the end of this year we will have more than 70 stores and with 15 countries already signed store numbers are set to explode” Mr Peter Dickson, CEO and major shareholder in Shakeaway Worldwide
Frozen yogurt, re-invented.

Shakeaway has now developed a new way of serving 100% fat free frozen yogurt desserts that eats more like an ice cream with high quality fresh ingredients hand mixed all the way through with additional toppings. All of our unique frozen yogurt desserts are hand made to order by trained Shakeaway staff to ensure they are made to perfection.
Choose from fresh fruit, such as the “Mukri” which is a blend of fresh banana and blueberries and is topped with more banana and blueberries, finishing off with a sprinkle of cinnamon. There are some indulgent choices too, such as the “Eriana” which is a deliciously sweet and crunchy mix of chocolate brownie and crushed macadamia nuts and is topped with a generous portion of mini marshmallows.
You will not believe how good they taste!
Smoothies, re-invented.

Shakeaway’s new smoothie range uses our very own secret recipe which includes fresh fruit, crunchy ice, fat free yoghurt and a top secret ingredient! The result is a smoothie which is healthy and nutritious, full in flavour and refreshing. A perfect choice on a hot summer’s day.
“I expect the smoothies will be a real hit in sunny Malaysia, our customers are very satisfied with the flavoursome refreshing taste and have actually asked for the recipe on numerous occasions… of course we wouldn’t ever tell our secrets!” – Ms Stephanie Howard, UK & International Product Development, Shakeaway Worldwide Ltd

Shaved Ice, re-invented

Shaved Ice re-invented. Less than 160 calories per serving!
Shakeaway has just launched a new and exciting shaved ice re-invented menu! Deliciously refreshing shaved ice made from 100% real fruit puree topped with fresh fruit, hand made to order and less than 160 calories per serving.

Shakeaway’s shaved ice re-invented is like no other, we have blended flaky, crunchy and snow ice together to make an all new shaved ice that really does taste amazing. You can choose from these all natural real flavours including lime, mango, orange, passion fruit, peach, pineapple, raspberry and strawberry. And then add a fresh fruit topping choosing from blueberries, pineapple, kiwi, mango and strawberries to make it extra special. All hand made to order of course!

Why not try one of our special named shaved ice choices where you can choose from the Ryan: made with pineapple & passion fruit topped with fresh pineapple & blueberries, or Zoey: made from mango & strawberries topped with fresh kiwi & strawberries, or why not Hafiz: made from orange & lime topped with fresh kiwi & pineapple. They all taste amazing and are so good for you at less than 160 calories a serving!
Fries, re-invented.

Shakeaway have also turned their attention to everyone’s favourite fast food – fries! At Shakeaway you can get hot, crispy, low-fat, tasty fries with a great potato flavour freshly cooked in under 2 minutes with no deep frying!. Their milkshake and fries combo deal makes Shakeaway the perfect lunch stop.

“Shakeaway customers love to challenge us with suggestions so when they made us aware they’d like fries with their shakes, we went straight to work in our development kitchen. Shakeaway customers wanted nothing less than a miracle chip – a low-fat, crispy, real potato fry that tastes great which took us almost 19 months to create” – Ms Stephanie Howard, UK & International Product Development, Shakeaway Worldwide Ltd
Shakeaway is opening soon in The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, with a FREE MILKSHAKE for the first 50 customers at the Grand Opening day 16th September 2016.
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