#bersatuTENAGA - Spreading Unity through a Hastag

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In conjunction with the upcoming Malaysia Day, Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) has launched a social-driven campaign called #bersatuTENAGA.

This campaign encourages Malaysians to participate by submitting a simple video according a song / lyric that TNB will be providing.

As of now, 3 local artists has joined this campaign : 
Faizal Tahir, Jaclyn Victor and Elizabeth Tan. You can refer to their link below to get some idea how to post your own singing or dancing. They have sang the chorus part and now is your turn to help to complete the song.

Elizabeth Tan Video Clip

Jacklyn Victor Video Clip

Faizal Tahir Video Clip

Here the chorus part sang by Faizal Tahir which is full of energy and meaningful lyric.


Buat aku merasa bahagia


Buat aku ceria sentiasa


Buat aku rasa bertenaga selalu

Takkan terpisah kau dan aku

Kau terangi  hidupku

Oh!Oh! Oh!

Kau terangi hidupku

Here is my video in Instagram:

Come and join me the fun. I have take up this challenge posting a short video of my kids and family cheerful photos with their lovely smile that always brighten my days and gives me laughter and joy.

Upload your own video now at Instagram for 1 minute and share it to Facebook and Twitter with hastag #bersatuTENAGA and @Tenaga_nasional . You can show your singing/dancing/lip sync to the song. Show your talent and upload it to share this meaningful event with your friends.

Fan videos will be selected to be a part of the final music video too.

 "A song that won’t sound right without your voice'

Check out TNB’s Facebook page:

Campaign Details: