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have a delightful meal together with my colleagues and make our right choice choosing Premium Lunch  for our lunchbox delivery. The delivery was on time and well prepared with impressive presentation. Before even starting to open up the lunchbox, We are happy with the neat packaging and the food looks really appetizing. Premium Lunch is an all natural prepared meals company in Malaysia that provides FRESH restaurant-quality, chef-prepared meals straight to your door! Premium Lunch can help you eat deliciously and healthy everyday. Focusing on quality, healthy and balanced meals, your satisfaction of food is guaranteed.

Ceasar Salad - Thumbs up for the nice presentation of the food. A great start for our lunch with light ceasar salad that comes with fresh chicken breast fillets.

Dory with Garlic Butter Rice and Vegetables. Aromatic garlic butter rice with Perfectly battered and fried dory fillet.  
Chicken Kung Pao with Rice & Veggies. This was my favourite among all. Premium Lunch really give generous portion on the chicken meat. The stir fry chicken is flavourful with fragrant taste from the ginger, dry chilies and onions. Simple and comfort food that have perfect balance of nutrition - Chicken meat and vegetables (with cauliflower and carrots). Savoury flavour from the sauce which is not too spicy.Absolutely loved this dish!  

Lemon & Herb Roasted Spring Chicken with Creamy Mushroom Sauce served with mash potatoes and coleslaw. The chicken is juicy and tender.  Best combination with the delcious mash potatoes and coleslaw.
Chicken Florentine Pesto Pasta is worth mentioning. Most of us love this dish! The pasta was cooked well and paired with the moist and tender chicken breast. Compliments to the pasta sauce that makes this dish taste so good!! It will be a better if they can cut the chicken meat into smaller size.
Chicken Club Sandwich. Convenient pack of Sandwich on the go. Pretty tasty sandwich pack with flavour.
Delicious restaurant gourmet meals that will never let you down. I share this wonderful lunchbox with my colleagues and we keep on praising on the food quality and the taste. Cheerful day with sumptuous food that makes our tummy full and satisfied.

How It Works
·         1. login to www.premiumlunch.com.my

·         2. Choose your meals

·         3. Place your order and make payment online

 .        4. premium lunch riders will send the meals before lunchtime

*ALL ORDERS ARE TO BE MADE AND PAID BEFORE 11 A.M. Cash On Delivery available. *(NO Minimum orders. Bank Transfer or Cash On Delivery.)

You can also consider this for your office events, meetings or even social gatherings.

**Returns & Exchanges Promises

 If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, You can ask for a replacement or return.
I seldom see this rules in Delivery of lunchbox. Perhaps a good move to get customer satisfaction and long term support. Great!

Whatsapp : 0108158841
Delivery from Mon to Friday only at KL and PJ area only
21 meals for Premium Lunch to choose from. Start order your choices of Premium Lunch and enjoy the meal