PCLO Cafe @ The Curve

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I love churros. I am glad to found this cafe that serves crispy churros that I always wanted to have. Located at The Curve@ First Floor, PCLO have been operating for 7 months. PCLO is known as Piccolo which means small; the owner have explore a lot to bring up his own version of churros that is soft inside and crispy on the outside. A coffee lover himself, Mr. Megat said it's the best pairing of coffee and churros.

You can enjoy this combo promotions daily.
1. Churros Classic Combo (RM 15)
2. Churros Gembira (RM 17)

Just place your order at the counter. Sit back and wait for your order to be served. Calm and comfortable place to dine in with friendly staff

The signature Sandwich that you must try
Homemade Shepherd's Pie, Banoffee Pie,Brownies and selection of cakes to satisfy your sweet tooth. (Cakes supplier are based on rotation and you may find your favourite cake here). When you need a good desserts, Homemade desserts is a better choice.
The simple and straight forward menu that are reasonably price.

Churros Classic with dip RM 9 - Served with 5 Churros Sticks along with with salted caramel and rich chocolate dip .Perfect combination of these delicate,  fluffy and light churros. Churros basically are known as Spanich donut. They make the dough using about 5-10 minutes, heat up the oil and hot fried within 3 minutes time. Churros are fried until they become crunchy, and then sprinkled with sugar.  Churros are generally look curled or spirally twisted. When I have my first bite, the churros has the perfect texture that is soft inside and remain crispy on the outside.

Churros Gembira RM 11- Addictive churros with oreo topping and vanilla ice cream.  Enjoying the tasty and crunch churros with an extra 'kick' from the thick chocolate sauce. 

Warm and moist Churros with a cup of brewed coffee to share with your loved ones. Delectable desserts that keep you satisfied.
Sandwich by Caveman RM 17 for lamb and Beef/ Chicken RM 15. We try the homemade lamb patty Served in fresh salads, special sauce (honey mustard) and garlic churros.  This is 100% halal. Perfect sandwich with fresh and soft bread, savoury and juicy lamb patty and unique taste from the crispy garlic churros. Creative Churros serving that looks like fries. Delicious. I will come back soon to try the chicken patty. Thumbs up for the juicy homemade grilled lamb patty!

Green Tea Caramel Ice Blended RM 12
Refreshing chilled drink with a fun twist that has a caramel like aroma. Savor every sip along with the crispy churros.

Aromatic coffee to pair it with churros
Comes with 4 flavour - Original (Cinnamon Sugar, Almond Choc, Coconut Choc,and Rice Choc)
Churros Stick that you can have it throughout the day as a great snack RM 3 each. These surely love by the kids.
Best combination coffee + Churros
Craving for churros? PCLO can arrange for delivery for corporate events, social gatherings or simply casual home dining. 

***PCLO Cafe is now on Food Panda! That means you may order any meals from their menu list and get it delivered at your door step.

PCLO Cafe @The Curve
Lot LB-3 First Floor, Link 2 THE CURVE
No 6 Jalan PJU 7/3 Mutiara Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

-You can also spot the Food truck at Bangsar (Jalan Dungun) where you can get fresh hot churros.

Opens: Open Daily: 11am - 10pm
Tel : 03 7733 5588
Email : megcoffeeworks@gmail.com

Website : http://www.pclocafe.com/
Facebook : https://ms-my.facebook.com/pclocafe/